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Monday, October 29, 2007

Weird Feeling

Last night I posted about my driving practice experience. It went well actually. When I was driving I was more confident, and more relaxed. Even hubby noticed it (he said drive as if I am not here... duh??? how can you pretend when he's right next to you yapping?? i dont think so ehehehe) I felt good about my yesterday's driving though, really!
However, when I went to bed I had this weird feeling. I can't explain it but I kept thinking a lot of "what ifs" about my driving. Like for example, what if I didn't see the lady passing by and I hit and killed her, what's gonna happen to me? Are they gonna put me in jail (ofcourse)? What if I didn't see the red light and just kept on going and somebody hit me... it's just kept thinking of things like that over and over... kinda morbid huh?! heart is beating for like 100mph. A terrible feeling. Well, this too shall pass as they say :) Just trying to vent a little bit.
Thank your for your patience :D TC!

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