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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Light Headed

Hubby has been convincing me for the longest to try to drink a little bit of wine coz he said it will relax me and clean my system. I know red wine will do that. He bought me some wine coolers and said that If I decided to try it, it's just there in the refrigerator. 1:00 a.m., trying to look for some past midnite snack, I saw the wine cooler. It seems like the darn thing is enticing me to try 'em. So I did. I had a Bacardi Silver (Watermelon flavor) It tastes pretty good...but i haven't had the chance to drink at least half and I felt so light headed already. It made me sweat too! Whew! It would take another long and good convincing for me to have another drink like this. I still have things to do, but I think I'm sleep already.
I guess I need to go to bed, it has been a long, tiring but fruitful day :) See you folks later!


redlan said...

good cleansing talaga ang wine sa katawan natin. light na inumin. hehehe.

Roselle said...

totoo yun red, pero di yata gusto din ng katawan ko kahit wine :) pero it wasn't that bad naman. thanks for the visit!

Marie Grace said...

di ako umiinom ng alcoholic beverages but I drink red wine sometimes kasi yon na nga for the health daw, but like you kahit red wine parang nalalasing ako kaya super bihira na rin akong umiinom ng red wine ngayon...hehehe...tawa nga ng tawa asawa ko kasi pati red wine nalalasing ako.