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Friday, October 26, 2007

Been Wanting To Start A Business

My friend Mich has been bugging me about us putting up an online business. It’s been a while since we last discussed it. We are thinking of selling cross-stitch materials from needles to threads, patterns, the fabrics, finished cross-stitched projects (which we both did) and a few more items that are related to cross-stitching. But I am very, very hesitant because if you have been reading my previous posts, you all probably know that I am not very good in that aspect, I mean the selling aspect. But knowing my friend, she won’t stop bothering me until I give in. So I told her that if she really wants to have an online business, she doesn’t need me at all. I know something that can help her. I suggested an ecommerce software. She asked me what it was. So I explained it to her a little bit more. I mentioned that it is a shopping cart software built for small to medium businesses just like what she’s thinking. And that it is web based so no need for her to worry about missing or resigning from her daytime job as she can access it to anywhere in the world anytime with no problem at all. Plus their shopping carts are hosted in their ultra fast web servers. The thing that she got most excited about was when I mentioned that they are offering a 10 day free trial with no credit card needed. After that talk she never bother me again about starting a business with her and I learned that she’s been researching more on the shopping cart software that I suggested. Maybe next time, she will thank me for her business is a success with the help of ecommerce software.

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