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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tons of Three Things About Me :D

Hey all! Nothing do to this Sunday afternoon. While trying to rest, I checked my blog and Aling Tess tagged me. Here it is...

1. Three things I love ~ family, internet & shopping (window eheheh)

2. Three things I hate ~ being accused of something I didn't do, traffic and second hand smoke

3. Three things that scare me ~ losing someone i love, being diagnosed with very rare, incurable disease (either me or any of my family members) and being held hostage

4. Three things I don't understand ~ fast talking americans (no offense meant), my son's gibberish vocabulary :) and why parents forget their young kids at the back seat of their cars

5. Three things on my desk ~ monitor, keyboard, and junks

6. Three things I am doing right now ~ this tag, watching Murder, She Wrote and eating junk :)

7. Three things I can do ~ cook (not saying that I'm good though ehehehe), can type 85 wpm, can read and write stenography (need to refresh this one)

8. Three things I can't do ~ act, swim and draw

9. Three things on my to do list ~ practice more on driving, pay some bills and save money to buy a new monitor :D

10. Three ways to describe my personality ~ free spirited, sometimes funny and caring

I enjoyed doing this tag and now I'd like to tag all my blogmates who has spare time :)


recel said...

oh... i don't understand too why some parents forget their kids at the back seats of their cars! what a dismay!!! musta dyan sa inyo? dito sa'me init pa rin! nakakasakit ng ulo! hehehe! regards dyan selle!

Tess said...

thanks for doing this tag! i hope u had fun! talk later. have a good day!

Mari said...

Good for you you have tons of three things about you, and they are great ones. I have only three things about me. LOL That makes me boring, isn't it.