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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Drove Again! Yaayyy!!!

Earlier, I posted that we're going to Walmart. I know my hubby will let me drive but wasn't expecting that I wouldn't be yelled at a lot... Yeah, surprisingly, hubby didn't yell at me sooooo darn much :) He probably did once or twice eheeheh but hey! I'll take that :) I drove from the house to Walmart... Then he let me drive from Walmart to Bennigan's and had dinner. Then when we're getting ready to go home it's kinda dark already so I said I don't wanna drive anymore. I thought I can persuade him to not let me drive, but I was dead wrong. :D I was a bit nervous coz I have never drove at night time. Geez! I don't even know how to turn the car's light :D Thankfully, we got home safe and sound. Honey here said that I did great. That's a relief :)
That's about it for this weekend. Thank you for reading and I hope your Sunday were just great as mine :) TC!

1 comment:

""rare jonRez"" said...

congrats! so.. lapit ka na talaga maging certified driver ha? hehe! thats good!

musta nga pala rank mo? na-update na no? hmm... medyo naging fiesta sa ppp these days eh! sana magtagal, ano? :D

tapos ko na pala yung tag mo sa'ken! yung MAHABANG tag! hehehe!

good nite Selle!