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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reviews About Online Casinos

I have posted about how I suggested to my mom-in-law the online casino site that I’ve found as she can’t stand the noise when she goes to an actual casino. But I didn’t know that there’s such a site that reviews tons of online casinos until one of my blogmates told me about it. It is which has been around since 1997. They base their detailed reviews from gaming experience to trust scores and bonuses offered by each casinos. Since they have a lot on their list, you’d probably don’t know where to start. Well, they listed their top 50 online casinos on their site so that would give you a head start. They also have information about the casinos that has the best payouts, best bonuses and highest jackpots. So whether you like to play the slots, poker, craps or blackjack, check out’s reviews so you don’t have to go through the task of filtering the thousands of online casinos just to know which is right for you as it is very time consuming. So check it out enjoy and don’t forget to click the sign up bonuses banners in each review! Have fun and play wisely!

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