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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Best Quality Drugs

If you are one of those people that are taking medications on a regular basis, you sure wanna know about InfoMedUsa. Apparently, they can help you Save on your pharmacy bills. Who wouldn’t want that? My mom-in-law and I’m sure a lot of senior citizens, who are just relying on their social security checks, are gonna be happy campers when they learn about InfoMedUSA cause as we all know, they are the ones that are spending too much on their prescriptions.

InfoMedUSA is packed with thousands and thousands of products from anti-depressants to pain relievers, whether its branded or generic. You can order online or over the phone. Their friendly customer support will help you out and right now they have a special internet price plus a fast worldwide shipping, so it doesn’t really matter where you live. Check it out to see what they have to offer to you.


Yeah I said Wow! Imagine I woke up at 12 in the afternoon. This has been my usual waking up hours when I wasn't still busy with a lot of internet "rakets". But since I started blogging, doing a lot lot more rakets, I'm happy to have at least 3 hours of sleep. Today, thankfully I got the chance to have a pretty good sleep yey! In a few minutes my kuletz and I will get ready for the trick or treating early this evening. Later guys!

Bad Credit Offers Can Help

Most people these days are finding themselves in deep debt due to different circumstances. I understand that it is a difficult situation, because I’ve been there myself, but I must say that it is not the end of the world. If you find yourself in an unpleasant case like such, BadCreditOffers is a site created for you. Their aim is to help and provide consumers with the knowledge and resources necessary in finding the best credit offer that fits your need, regardless of a bad credit loans history. So, whether you’d like to avail home loans, credit cards, auto loans or even personal loans, visit and their expert staff will be happy to assist you.

Happy Halloween Everbody!

Yey! It's trick or trick time! :) My son is excited but the mommy is more excited ehehehe.. This is Kuletz first trick or treat. After this event, chocolates will be on sale for up to 75% off!! That's what makes me very excited :D Need to stack up on the chocolates so I can send some to the Philippines. Can't wait. Happy Halloween to all. Be careful when you are out there tonight.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Casinos, Casinos And More Casinos!

Tomorrow, my friends and I will take our kids trick or treating in their neighborhood. Then after that she suggested that we do something for fun. Since River Boat Casinos are not far from here, she wants us to gamble a little bit. I wanted to do that but I don’t think I can, because we can’t take the kids to the casino and my husband is not here to watch my little boy. So I exclaimed, why not come over here to the house and we’ll just play casino online? She is hesitant because she said that there are lots of online casinos and it’s not easy to choose which one is the best. I said, she doesn’t have to worry cause we can check on the internet the Top United States Online Casinos. She asked what is that about. I said, they are a free guide to assist U.S. players find safe and fun gambling destinations. We don’t have to go thru the hassle of searching thousands of online casinos cause right of the bat, we can view their top ten list. They rank their casinos by bonus size, payout rate, customer support, number of games and of course the deposit options. After learning that, my friend agreed that she and some of our friends will come over and we will play online and the good part is, we can have the kids here too and have their own little party.

My Celebrity Friend

Just a few moments ago, I had a chance to talk to my celebrity and an awesome dancer/choreographer blogmate/friend Reigh. He had a laptop problem for quite a while and finally, it was fixed already. He was sure funny. I'd like to thank him again for posting the Pinoy Big Brother (Celebrity Edition) clips where he played a great role :) If you wanna see it visit his blog. Again thanks Reigh!!! It was nice talking to you.

Simply Magical

In my previous posts, I’ve talked about bad credits, mortgages, cash advances, new online games website, different products etc.

Now let’s talk about Home Loans. I’ve been seeing a lot of “house for sale” signs posted in front lawns here in our neighborhood. I asked my mom-in-law why is that? Was it because the neighborhood is not a very good area, or is it because it floods here and things like that. She said that it isn’t always the case. People buy houses then they can’t keep up in paying their mortgages so the bank repossess it. I mentioned that to say this. If you need a flexible and affordable Home Loans, Consolidated Loans or Secured Loans, there’s a new website called MagicLoans. They are not your typical loan companies because they listen very carefully to what their customer really wants. They keep things simple and they do their utmost best to really meet whatever requirements are needed based on your circumstances. So if you think MagicLoans can help you, visit their site to request for a callback or you can just apply online, as simple as that.

Light Headed

Hubby has been convincing me for the longest to try to drink a little bit of wine coz he said it will relax me and clean my system. I know red wine will do that. He bought me some wine coolers and said that If I decided to try it, it's just there in the refrigerator. 1:00 a.m., trying to look for some past midnite snack, I saw the wine cooler. It seems like the darn thing is enticing me to try 'em. So I did. I had a Bacardi Silver (Watermelon flavor) It tastes pretty good...but i haven't had the chance to drink at least half and I felt so light headed already. It made me sweat too! Whew! It would take another long and good convincing for me to have another drink like this. I still have things to do, but I think I'm sleep already.
I guess I need to go to bed, it has been a long, tiring but fruitful day :) See you folks later!

Show Me Some Love, Be Romantic

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings that one could ever experience. I know a lot of you can relate to that. I have been married for 7 years but it feels like it was just yesterday. I still remember how romantic he was (and still is) when he first visited me in the Philippines. He’d buy me flowers, chocolates, gifts and write me the most romantic love letters I’ve ever read. But I’m telling you that no matter how in love you are to your wife or husband, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a relationship is not always as smooth sailing as you want it to be. Believe me, my husband and I have our ups and downs but at the end of the day we still end up expressing how much we love each other. We never get tired of saying I love yous before we go to bed or before anyone of us is leaving.

I know some friends that have difficulties in showing their love to their partners. I guess they need a few romantic ideas. Browsing around, landed me to this website called They have tips on How To Romance Your Wife (just like me). Not only that, they also have tons of romantic ideas that everyone can use. From Reading a love poem to writing love notes, and cheap date ideas. I’m sure someone, somehow could use this website as they have a great amount of tips. I am probably one of them as sometimes I ran out of romantic things to do for my husband. This will surely help me.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Now I'm A Chocolate Cake

You Are a Chocolate Cake

Fun, comforting, and friendly.
You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.
People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.
This picture is making me wanna eat cake. Looks so scrumptious... But anyways, it's so obvious that even with quizzes, I happened to be some kind of chocolate :) A true chocolate addict ehehehe How about you? Tell me what kind of care are you? :) Let me get outta here and see if I can find something sweet in the ref. Take care everyone!

Quizzes About Halloween!

Not only I am an online games addict but also a huge trivia fun. Love watching Jeopardy! When I still didn’t have my work-at-home job, my favorite thing to do is to hang out in MIRC to play trivia an quizzes. Now, I found a new quiz website, which for sure, that I will be one of their regulars. It’s, check it out for yourself as they have added new Halloween quizzes just in time for you trick or treaters out there. But of course they don’t just have Halloween quizzes, they actually have tons of quizzes from different topics. I actually tried one of them already which is the “How Do You Act Around People?” quiz. It was fun!

I Am A White Chocolate!

I am not a huge fan of white chocolates but I still eat them once in a while. So what about you? What kind of chocolate are you? The result I got is pretty interesting and funny to me.. Can't believe that the result said that I am a quiet flirt, but truly very innocent hahhahaha! But yeah a lot of people usually underestimates my powers ;)

You are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate
You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.
Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.
You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

The Business of Online Games

I have been blogging for almost 4 months now and most of you know already that I am an online games addict. But I have never ever thought of having my own online games business until I have heard the hype about uVme. It made me wonder what uVme is about. I learned that it is a program that will let you make money online by being a group owner in online skill games business. It isn’t just about online gaming but they combined it with one of the phenomena in the internet now, which is social networking (with instant live communication) and social marketing. It is very interesting and probably an intense journey to have one. It’s very tempting to sign up because after signing-up the member will have an instant access to a portal system that contains state of the art management tools. Isn’t that amazing? And you have the control of your online gaming portal and control in managing your members within your group. This is something that is worth thinking about. Who knows? You might be surprised if one day I’ll be posting here saying that I am already a proud owner of an online games business. Not impossible for anyone.

Its Raining Opps Today!

Wow! This is an amazing day. Good start of the week. It has been raining opps here and there. Don't even know where to start. My brain is all drained and needs recharging hahhaha! I'm not done with my PPP, need one more to complete the day. I am not complaining, I am thankful actually :) But it is pretty tiring I must say :)
Teacher Merydith buzzed me and said that there are some opps in Smorty. Now have to grab it too... Working on it. Thanks for the buzz Teacher Merydith!!! Sa uulitin po ;)

Applying For A Mortgage?

Finding a house nowadays is not difficult as there are lots of foreclosure houses, new houses, for sale by owner houses etc., available in the market. The hard part of buying a house is the mortgage application process. Getting your mortgage approved is based on your income, your employment status and the sort of property you want to buy. Some of the things that the lender wants from you is, of course, proof of your identity and income. You have to prove to them that you have a regular salary that gives you the ability to pay them back.

How do I know all these? Well, honestly, I have no clue what Mortgages nor Mortgage Broker were until the time when we bought our house. This were all explained to us by my husband’s cousin as she is a mortgage broker herself. It sounds very complicated but if you wanted some more enlightenment, check this new website --> . They can help you with your mortgage needs with no obligation.

Winster, Missed Out!

I haven't had the chance to play Winster lately. It sucks coz I like playing the picture puzzle. It earns me more points in no time than the other games. I have won two ipods already for ten million points each :) Not because they said I won an Ipod, means I have two ipods here in the house already.. nahhh... It depends on the prize that you chose. Like me, they gave me an Amazon gift certificate for $79 dollars/per Ipod winning. I used it on Amazon to by a new vaccum cleaner. Now, I'm waiting for the juicer that I bought from them. Can't wait. :)

Unbeatable Van Insurance From Autonet

We went to check our old house in Chicago a few weeks ago and I had a chance to talk to the guy that regularly cuts our grass there. He was asking me about Commercial Van Insurance as he wants to insure his brother’s van. At that time I have no idea where to point him at although I know that there are plenty of Commercial Van Insurance out there. Today, while I was doing my usual blog hopping, I get the chance to see one of the posts about insurance. Out of curiosity, I did check the site and surprised that they are offering special discounts for up to 70% off for new policies. You can’t find that deal everyday. And can you believe that if you find a cheaper van insurance with the same level of cover, Autonet will give you a refund? Now that is unbelievable! You can’t beat that for sure.

Well, that is all for now, will call the our friend Carlos to let him know about the unbeatable van insurance from Autonet.

For Some Reasons

For some reasons, I feel that I have tons on my to do list today... I haven't clean the house (not so messy naman po), need to do some washing (didn't feel like putting the clothes in the washer hihihihi) all I have been doing is my data entry job. Then there are a lot of opps in PPP. I did one already but unfortunately, when I tried to submit it I kept getting an error. So sent them a ticket and still waiting for their reply. Other things in my to do list are: take the garbage out, call People's gas, call MIL, call etc... Busy, busy, busy as a bee. I better get going then :D Till my next blog. See yah around all!

Credit Card Applications For You!

I talked about in my previous post how I’m trying to build my credit score, by applying for a credit card. This is one way of establishing a good credit standing. But with so many types of credit cards it is pretty overwhelming. We all know that they are very convenient, although it has drawbacks if you don’t know how to use it wisely. How do we know the right credit card for us? Well, for one we need to do some credit card surfing then compare which has the lowest rates, cash back and best rewards, then of course you can choose which one you like whether its Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card.

If you need Credit Card Applications why not check out, which by the way has credit cards for people with all credit types, today and I’m sure you will have it just in time for the holiday season. Use it for your Christmas shopping whether it’s online or to one of your favorite stores in your area. Enjoy the convenience of the credit cards, but as I always say, use it sensibly.

Weird Feeling

Last night I posted about my driving practice experience. It went well actually. When I was driving I was more confident, and more relaxed. Even hubby noticed it (he said drive as if I am not here... duh??? how can you pretend when he's right next to you yapping?? i dont think so ehehehe) I felt good about my yesterday's driving though, really!
However, when I went to bed I had this weird feeling. I can't explain it but I kept thinking a lot of "what ifs" about my driving. Like for example, what if I didn't see the lady passing by and I hit and killed her, what's gonna happen to me? Are they gonna put me in jail (ofcourse)? What if I didn't see the red light and just kept on going and somebody hit me... it's just kept thinking of things like that over and over... kinda morbid huh?! heart is beating for like 100mph. A terrible feeling. Well, this too shall pass as they say :) Just trying to vent a little bit.
Thank your for your patience :D TC!

Cash Advance, Payday Loans

As you guys all know that we have just move to our new house and still trying to put everything in order. We’re still fixing little things here and there and I’m telling you no matter how little it is, it still costs a good amount of money. Thankfully, we have a little savings, but what if we don’t have it? What are we gonna do? What are you gonna do? If we need some emergency money, where do we turn to?

Fortunately, we can seek help from I recently found out about them when I was browsing through one of my friends’ blog and of course, I would like to share it with you just in case you need a cash advance. If you are wondering what is all about, let me tell you that it is a short-term Payday loans that does not require credit checks. You can apply through the internet which is one of the advantages as you don’t have to wait in line at the stores plus have the chance of getting your cash advance checks faster. We might not need their help right now, but you will never know when difficult situation occurs. It is just good to know that when you need it, is always there to help.

Halloween Personality

In time for the Halloween, I thought I'd post this personality test. I'm not sure if the result really applies to me though.

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

You're a friendly person, but not the life of the party. You like making someone else's day - and you'll dress up if you think of a really fun costume.

You definitely think of yourself as someone who has a dark side. And part of having that dark side means not showing it.

Your inner child is stubborn and a bit bossy.

You fear those closest to you finding out who you really are. You dread people discovering your secrets.

You're prone to be quite emotional and over dramatic. Deep down, you enjoy being scared out of your mind... even if you don't admit it.

You are a traditionalist with most aspects of your life. You like your Halloween costume to be basic, well made, and conventional enough to wear another year.

Happy Halloween everyone! What are your plans? Me and my kiddo here might go with Cheryl and Ashley trick or treating. I bought him a vampire costume. We'll see what's gonna happen coz this is gonna be the first for kuletz :) Can't wait. Sounds like I'm more excited than the boy ehehehe....TC all!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Events In St. Augustine, Florida

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, normally, we’d celebrate it at home with family and close relatives. But this year, we’re planning to celebrate it differently. My husband’s brother suggested that we do it in Florida as last year they attended the Events in St. Augustine and they said that they had a blast! So now they wanted us to go with them. They particularly like the Uptown Saturday Night, which is the most favorite end-of-the-month event that takes place every last Saturday of the month around 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Uptown San Marco Shopping District of St. Augustine. My mother-in-law is very excited to know about the plan as she’s been there a few times and would like to come back again. She said she never get tired of checking out the antique stores and unique shops between Ripley’s Museum and the Mission of Nobre de Dios which remain open during this special time. Also, the latter provides free parking during the Uptown Saturday Night event. Since the October 27 celebration is over, we will probably be going on the 24th of November which is less than a month from now. This is very exciting as it is gonna be my first time in Florida. Can’t wait for the opportunity to shop for antiques and listen to lively street music. Surely it’s gonna be an experience of a lifetime.

I Drove Again! Yaayyy!!!

Earlier, I posted that we're going to Walmart. I know my hubby will let me drive but wasn't expecting that I wouldn't be yelled at a lot... Yeah, surprisingly, hubby didn't yell at me sooooo darn much :) He probably did once or twice eheeheh but hey! I'll take that :) I drove from the house to Walmart... Then he let me drive from Walmart to Bennigan's and had dinner. Then when we're getting ready to go home it's kinda dark already so I said I don't wanna drive anymore. I thought I can persuade him to not let me drive, but I was dead wrong. :D I was a bit nervous coz I have never drove at night time. Geez! I don't even know how to turn the car's light :D Thankfully, we got home safe and sound. Honey here said that I did great. That's a relief :)
That's about it for this weekend. Thank you for reading and I hope your Sunday were just great as mine :) TC!

Printer Cartridges

Three weeks ago, when I was with my friend, my husband called me up and ask me to go buy him a printer cartridge, he told me the model and everything. Went to the store, looked for the printer cartridge that I needed but to no avail I couldn’t find it. I even asked one of the store attendants and still we couldn’t find it. When I got home my husband is a little bit fuzzy about it. So the first thing that I did was get on my computer and tried to look for the printer cartridge that I needed. Luckily, I came across Cartridge Finder. What they do is help you find the right cartridges for you printer, copier or even fax machine. Printing supplies is a product area which is sometimes very confusing. With those model numbers that aren’t easy to remember will delay you from getting it when you needed it. Cartridge Finder will help you to quickly and easily find the printer cartridges that you need. So for you to avoid being in the same situation that I went through, check out Cartridge Finder now!

Sunday! Sunday!

I am not supposed to be on the computer today coz it's family day, but there are tons of opps. I did one today already and wanted to do two more so I'm done for the day, but unfortunately I can't coz hubby said that we are going out in a few. To where, he said Walmart :D You know all that I love Walmart... So, bye bye opps for right now and we'll see if I can still get some tonight.

See you all later!

New Kitchen Faucet

Recently, there were a disaster in my kitchen that I have never experienced before. I think I had mentioned it in my previous post, but what happened was our faucet knob in the kitchen came off and the water started shooting up in the ceiling. I was so taken aback coz I don’t know what to do. I immediately called the plumber who installed the kitchen faucet. Unfortunately, he can’t come on that day so I have to wait till the next day. The next day, he fixed it but said that although it is a new faucet, we might consider of upgrading it as the one that was put on was of low quality. He suggested that we look for Delta Faucets as he said that it is one of the best in the market. And he also mentioned that they not only carry kitchen faucets but a wide variety of bathroom faucets. So to avoid that kind of disaster again, I’m getting ready to buy one of those Delta Faucets and call the plumber and have him install it. That would be a great relief on my part because kitchen is the most used room in the house and I want everything to be working perfectly.

New Blog

Hello Folks! I appreciate your visit here all the time and again I would like to thank you very, very much! Also, I'd like you to all know that I have a new blog. It is a work in progress. So please bear with me on that... here it is life in the blogger lane. Still trying to find my way how to use bravejournal. I will get there though.. It's getting easier and easier everyday as I use it :) So hope to see you there!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Do You Know What LLC Means?

I have been using the internet now for over 8 years and I’ve seen too many companies that has LLC on it. Since I am a person who likes trivia things, I did a search on what does exactly LLC means. Found out that it stands for Limited Liability Company. It is a structure of business that is cross between a partnership and corporation and it’s ideal for small companies who are not ready for incorporation but would like to avoid personal liability.

Honestly, it’s a little too complicated for me, however, if you are a small business owner or starting to have one and would like to know more about it, can help you tremendously. To start with, they can provide you with free llc forms or if you want they can also prepare the whole set of documents ( minutes) for you for an amazing low price of $20-$25 dollars. With regards to getting your own tax ID, you might wanna use their forms and they will get it for you. If you are not still sold to those, how about getting the lowest price ever for corporate kits? If there are some questions that you want to be answered, check they FAQ Section for more information. I’m sure will be of great help to those people who wants to start a business whether experienced or not.

Looooong Survey

As usual I need something to do at this wee hour of the morning :) This was posted by Rochelle (friendster - friendly friend of mine). I grabbed it as usual and be ready as I am getting ready to tag most of you if not all :) Here it goes...

----------10 years ago-----------

1. ) How old were you?☻ Twenty Four

2.) Where did you go to school?☻ Pasig Catholic College

3 ) Where did you work?☻ still studying

4) Where did you live?☻ Pasig City

5.) Where did you hang out?☻ House of one of my college buddies.

6.) Did you wear glasses?☻ Not at that time

7.) Who was your best friend?☻ Dang

8.) How many tattoos did you have?☻ Nada

9.) How many piercings did you have?☻ Two (ears lang po)

10) What car did you drive?☻ No car!!! :D

11.) Had you been to a real party?☻ Real Party? Is there such thing called Fake Party? :D

12 .) Had You had your heart broken?☻ nope.. can't have a boyfriend pa non, bawal din crush hahahah!

- --- ---- ---5 years ago-----------

1. ) How old were you?☻ 29

2.) Where did you go to school?☻ Graduated already

3. ) Where did you work?☻ Not working na po...Stay at home mom

4. ) Where did you live?☻ Chicago, IL

5.) Where did you hang out?☻ at home with my hubby ehehehe

6 .) Did you wear glasses?☻ Yeah! Needed it coz of me spending too much time in front of the PC

7.) Who was your best friend?☻ Michelle

8.) How many tattoos did you have?☻ No tattoo

9 .) How many piercings did you have?☻ Two pa din (ears lang)

10 .) What car did you drive?☻ I didn't drive it but we have a Blazer then

11. ) Had your heart broken?☻ Not at this point.. so in love ehehehe

12.) Were you taken?☻ Very much!!

--- ----- --------2 years ago-----------

1 .) How old were you?☻ 32

2.) Where did you go to school?☻ Stay at home mommy pa din :)

3.) Where did you work?☻ Still not working, kuletz naman.. sinabing nasa bahay nga lang :D

4.) Where did you live?☻ Chicago pa din po

5.) Where did you hang out?☻ Cheryl's house

6.) Did you wear glasses?☻ Yes and contacts

7.) Who were your best friends?☻ Cheryl/Michelle

8. ) How many tattoos did you have?☻ Still no tattoo (magpalagay na kaya ako pra di mo ako kinukulit :D

9.) How many piercings did you have?☻ Two pa din di nagbago :)

10.) What car did you drive?☻ I Still don't drive soon will let you know

11.) Had your heart broken?☻ Nope

12.) Were you TakEN?☻ Still taken eheheheh

--- - ---- ------------Today ------------

1. ) How old are you?☻ 34

2.) Where do you go to school?☻ Done with the schooling thingy k? :)

3.) Where do you work?☻ I work at home

4.) Where?☻ Home nga eh

5.) Do you wear glasses?☻ Yes!!! Apat mata ko :D

6.) Where do you hang out?☻ Cheryl's house pa din.. sometimes kay MIL ko :)

7.) Do you talk to your old friends?☻ almost everyday

8. ) How many piercings do you have?☻ 2 pa din

9.) How many tattoos?☻ Wala pa din

10.) What car do you drive?☻ Grand Caravan and Pacifica

11. ) Has your heart been broken?☻ No, no and no..

12.) Single/Taken/Married /Divorce?☻ Married! :)

Haaayyyy same questions over and over ehehehe But anyways, I'm still gonna tag you guys :) All of you! TC and Thanks or reading.. Till next tag/blog!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Been Wanting To Start A Business

My friend Mich has been bugging me about us putting up an online business. It’s been a while since we last discussed it. We are thinking of selling cross-stitch materials from needles to threads, patterns, the fabrics, finished cross-stitched projects (which we both did) and a few more items that are related to cross-stitching. But I am very, very hesitant because if you have been reading my previous posts, you all probably know that I am not very good in that aspect, I mean the selling aspect. But knowing my friend, she won’t stop bothering me until I give in. So I told her that if she really wants to have an online business, she doesn’t need me at all. I know something that can help her. I suggested an ecommerce software. She asked me what it was. So I explained it to her a little bit more. I mentioned that it is a shopping cart software built for small to medium businesses just like what she’s thinking. And that it is web based so no need for her to worry about missing or resigning from her daytime job as she can access it to anywhere in the world anytime with no problem at all. Plus their shopping carts are hosted in their ultra fast web servers. The thing that she got most excited about was when I mentioned that they are offering a 10 day free trial with no credit card needed. After that talk she never bother me again about starting a business with her and I learned that she’s been researching more on the shopping cart software that I suggested. Maybe next time, she will thank me for her business is a success with the help of ecommerce software.

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I checked my friendster and one of my friendly friends posted this one. It looks interesting so I grabbed it :)


1. Roselle
2. Oselle
3. Selle


1. March 5
2. September 14
3. November 19


1. data entry work
2. writing opps review
3. friendster


1. Thanking God everyday (feels good, makes me happy knowing that He's there no matter what)
2. loving someone whom you know loves you.
3. being loved and appreciated


1. Nilaga/Sinigang (daya isa lang dapat eh eheheh)
2. Adobo
3. Binagoongan


1. My Nanay
2. my bestest friend
3. Hubby ko


1. a new computer monitor (been dying to buy a new one
2. A juicer
3. three tickets to the Philippines :D


1. trivia
2. watching t.v.
3. blogging ;)


1. Manila
2. Florida
3. Paris


1. River Oaks Mall
2. Orland Park Mall
3. Pwede Walmart na lang :D


1. Popoye's Chicken
2. Subway
3. McDonald's

THREE fave sports:

1. Bowling
2. Tennis (but have not tried playing.. been wanting to for ages)
3. Basketball


1. Milk
2. Juice
3. Chocolate Milk


1. Johnson's baby cologne (the blue one, smells really, really good :D)
2. Bath & Body Work's Gardenia Body Splash
3. Beautiful


1. black
2. white
3. Blue (any shade)


1. Christmas
2. New year
3. Our Anniv


1. Junk
2. Another Junk
3. More Junk


1. Post an opp
2. Check my data entry work
3. Probaby chat with Aling Tikya :D

Hope none of you guys have done this coz I'm getting ready to tag Aling Tess, Juliana, Recel, In-In and Marie. And ofcourse this tag isn't exclusive to them, If you feel like doing this you are certainly most welcome. Thanks for reading! Happy Friday everyone!

Do I Really Need Insurance?

If I were to answer that question I would say YES!. Back where I originally came from, I see how people deal with the difficulties of not being insured. When they get sick they are having a hard time paying the hospital bills, same when they’re involved in some kind of car accident. That’s why I am so thankful that when I got here, my husband immediately got me a health and life insurance. It made me comfortable because I know that it would help my son in case something happen to me or to his daddy.

Recently, I’ve been comparing home insurance quotes online for this new house. And since I’m about to start driving (long overdue), I also need to look for a company that could provide us a great car insurance deal, as I feel that we’re not getting it from our insurance company right now. Believe me it’s hard to come by a cheap car insurance, but I’ve been seeing a few that I might take into consideration. I don’t want to take my car out in the street when it’s not insured yet cause I believe that it is one of the legal requirements here. I don’t wanna get into trouble in any way. So if you are not insured yet, shop around, compare quotes now!

Shy... naahhh

I got this from Aling Tikya's blog (as usual :D). Thanks Ms. Tess!

You Are 24% Shy

You are slightly shy, but overall, your reactions to social situations are normal.
You dread difficult social situations, but you still handle them with grace.

This is mostly least at this part of my life. When I was younger, I really am very, very shy. I rarely talk to my classmates/people that I don't really now or I'm not so close to. Didn't like to participate in any class activities. So shy to buy something from the store. My self confidence is probably negative zero. Thanks to my 3rd year high school classmates. They were able to take me out of my shell. Result: Maldita with grace ehehehe

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Great Christmas Present!

Today when I got out of the bed, I felt that it was a little chilly in the house. It’s a sign that fall has officially started. Meaning to say that Christmas is just around the corner. My husband is asking me already what I want for Christmas. I can’t think of anything yet until I started browsing some of my friends’ blog. I saw this cute little beach cruiser bikes. Now I know what I want for Christmas. I might not be able to use it right away because it can get very, very cold here, but if we will buy it now, we will save some money as it is still before the main selling season, so the prices are so reasonable if not the lowest. Imagine it is under $100?! I believe that it is an awesome deal.

While I was checking out their site, I can’t take my eyes off of the 26” Lady Easy Rider Beach Cruiser (the baby blue). I already imagining myself next summer cruising by the lake. It looks comfortable and durable, surely that will be the center of attraction among my friends. So if you guys wants to have your own beach cruisers, check out as they have listed their current promotions and special offers.

My Wednesday

Today, I woke up early as I didn't have an internet connection last night from 12:00 midnite to 6 a.m. Oh well, you know the story as I already posted it here ehehehe. But anyways, This afternoon, my friend Cheryl, did me a great favor. She picked us up so I can pay our darn water bill. I tried paying it online but I kept getting an error so I decided to just drop by at the city clerk's office, which is like a block from our house. Then we went to the post office, then Target then to this one Mexican store where we bought a pound of "chicharon". Wow! It was very good. We ate it with hot, steaming rice and vinegar with garlic/black pepper for dipping. Although it isn't all fat "chicharon" it is still a little scary (cholesterol thingy) eheheh. I wish I took a picture. I still have a lot of leftovers, I might snap a pic so I can post it here :)
That's all for now folks! Thanks for reading and TC!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tequila Connoissuer?

College days are part of my life that has full of memories. That is also the time when my friends tried to convince me into drinking alcoholic beverages. I tried once just for the heck of it but never did it again. They had me drink a gin and it gave me a terrible headache. Since then I never had any alcoholic drink in my body. Even wine, which my husband says that’s its ok to have a little as it would help clear my system.

Recently, my friend here is asking me to try tequila, which is one of her favorite drinks. And since it is her favorite drink, I think she would love to know about Voodoo Tiki Tequila. It is one of the newest and most interesting super-premium brand in the market right now. They have a lot of different flavors and some of the interesting ones that caught my attention are the Midnight Warrior, which is chocolate infused (what a surprise for a chocoholic like me),Black Dragon (coffee infused) and Coco Paradisio (coconut infused). There are more flavors listed on their website. So if you think you are a tequila connoissuer, check out you might be interested in enrolling to their Tequila University too. Enjoy and please drink moderately!

A Tag From Ms. Tess

1. Are you good at hiding your feelings? Very good specially in front of those people whom I really am not close and don't know anything or much about me.

2. How can we tell that you're already irritated? Two ways, either I'm so quiet or my voice is as high as a sky.

3. How do you treat the person that obviously doesn't like you? I am a very civil person, so I'd treat them just like I'd treat a "normal" person. And I don't really care if they don't like me ehehehe

4. What usually ruins your mood? If I am talking to a person and pretending that they dont hear you.

5. Who do you see everyday that you wish you just wouldn't at all? Thankfully nobody at all

6. When was the last time that you had a good cry? Two nights ago, nonsense cry though. I cried reading one of the tagalog pocketbooks that my mother sent me.

7. How often do you shop for clothes? Whenever I have the chance and the budget! ehehehe

8. Who's your long-time crush? It used to be Tom Cruise, then Craig David

9. Someone you just had a crush on? aside from my hubby, its Jason Statham

10 . Do you have something that you wish you just don't? My fat belly.

11. Do you sometimes crave for something that isn't there? Not sometimes, but all the time.. My lola and nanay's cooking.

12 . Do you wish to live in a faraway land where nobody knows you? Nope. I am already so far away that nobody knows me. ehehehe

13. Have you kissed a total stranger? kiss as in kiss? or just peck on the cheek or beso-beso thingy? If it's just beso-beso.. a lot! Everytime my MIL or hubby intoduces me to someone, I always have to do that and yeah they are total strangers to me.

14. What do you want to do at this moment? Get up go to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water as I had a granola bar and I'm dead thirsty.

15 . The worst feeling? For me, it is when you want to do something but you can't do anything about it for your hands are tied.

16. How about the best? When I first got here in the U.S. to finally be with my husband and kiddo's birth.

17. Ever given your number to someone you dislike? Always hahahaha! To those GPT offers that I've been doing.

18. What will you say to the one reading this right now? Keep reading coz after that, its your turn :D

19. What/Who do you need right now? As for what, money... who doesn't? eheheh As for who, my family and friends.. wish I could have them all here.

20 . Happy with your life? Absolutely! Definitely! Positively happy :) Although I still have a lot in my to do list that would make me infinitely happy.

Ok now it's time for me to tag you my friends...I'd name a few but ofcourse anybody who wants to grab this, may do so :) I'm tagging Ms. Juliana, Redlan, Reigh, Francine and Nora.

Thanks for reading!

Email Express Direct

Have an online business? Well, good for you as my husband wasn’t as lucky as you are. Years ago, he used to have an online business but it didn’t work out well because of poor marketing strategy. At that time he never thought of direct email marketing. If he only knew about Email Express Direct before, he’d probably have a successful online business by now as their goal is to show you how you can manage, create, target and deliver graphics-based email messages. That would surely drive more qualified traffic to your website. Email Express Direct also gives you full control in managing your email lists, composing your graphics and text-based email messages and setting up your broadcast schedule. Isn’t that amazing?! Anyway, if you would like to try it out, check out their website and sign up for their unlimited free trial. You read it right, unlimited free trial. No risk or obligation and no credit card needed. Surprised? Check it out for yourself then.

No Internet!

Last night I put my son to sleep at around 11:30 p.m. Since I am so tired and sleepy, I fell asleep too. Woke up at two o'clock a.m. but didn't bother to get up and check if there are opps or didn't even play Winster games as I still feel so sleepy. So I went back to sleep till 4 a.m. I felt a little better so I woke up and sat down in front of my computer. To my dissapointment, I am not connected to the internet. I checked my modem and it confirmed that I really am not connected. I called the cable company to check what's goin on. They said that they are doing some maintenance from 12 midnite to 6 a.m. Wow! 6 a.m.?? Geez! Can't do anything so went back to sleep :D Woke up at 8 a.m. and finally! Ok since I'm on, I probably need to go back to work :)

Talk to you all later :) Thanks for dropping by.

P.S. Hey Miss Juliana I finally got some sleep ehehehhe

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reviews About Online Casinos

I have posted about how I suggested to my mom-in-law the online casino site that I’ve found as she can’t stand the noise when she goes to an actual casino. But I didn’t know that there’s such a site that reviews tons of online casinos until one of my blogmates told me about it. It is which has been around since 1997. They base their detailed reviews from gaming experience to trust scores and bonuses offered by each casinos. Since they have a lot on their list, you’d probably don’t know where to start. Well, they listed their top 50 online casinos on their site so that would give you a head start. They also have information about the casinos that has the best payouts, best bonuses and highest jackpots. So whether you like to play the slots, poker, craps or blackjack, check out’s reviews so you don’t have to go through the task of filtering the thousands of online casinos just to know which is right for you as it is very time consuming. So check it out enjoy and don’t forget to click the sign up bonuses banners in each review! Have fun and play wisely!

Missing His Daddy

Today, I feel bad about my son missing his daddy. Kuletz woke up today and the very first word that came out of his mouth is, daddy. He was talking to me and keeps saying daddy, mark, daddy...he will be back... He keeps on repeating those phrases the entire day. And so as the looking out of the window and standing by the door saying daddy. I don't know why. I thought he's already used to not seeing his dad. But today it's totally different. I wanted to call my hubby right away, but I know he's busy working so I waited till 6 p.m. As soon as I put his daddy on speaker, he just screamed daddy, smiled and jumped up and down as he normally do when he see his daddy in person. My poor baby. I guess hubby just need to spend a little more time with him.
Well, that's it for today. Just sharing with you how my little boy's day went :) Thanks for reading. TC all!

Black Friday 2007 Is Coming!

Thanksgiving is gonna be here pretty soon and you know what’s next after that. It is the black friday 2007! Yeah, it is the biggest sale every year that most people have been waiting for. I sure am waiting for it too but as you all know, I can’t drag my husband to drive me to my favorite stores at 5 in the morning just to line up and wait for the stores to open. Quite frankly, I don’t wanna go through to all that hassle too. I am not a morning person so waking up early is like second to impossible. Anyways, this is the first year that I am going to try and shop at home on Black Friday. is gonna help me make it happen. As I was browsing their site, I found out that they can send me an email notifying if new Black Friday ads are posted.

I can’t wait to see those Best Buy deals as I have been dying to buy myself a new monitor. I would also like to see the Circuit City ads because that’s where I am planning to buy my husband his Christmas present, which I have been thinking about. Maybe a new GPS (cause I‘d love to have his old GPS). I have tons in my list right now. To start with, my mom says she wants a new juicer, but she changed her mind and wants to have a new microwave instead. Kohl’s specials will probably help me with my father’s gift, because he said he wants some new jogging suits. And the list goes on and on. Well, I think that's it for right now. I am getting ready to check out and see what other great deals I can find that surely would save me a lot of money this holiday season.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Own Domain

Hello everyone! Been busy trying to put my other blog in order. I finally got my own domain and it is making me crazy! I swear I don't know how to do it. As I mentioned in my post in my other blog, Ms. Tess helped me a great deal and I like to thank her very much.
I always appreciate your visit here but I would also appreciate if you would visit my other blog and here is the link: Thanks very much!!!
Oooops gotta go its 2:45 a.m. already and one of my fave movies just came on :) My Bestfriend's Wedding :D
Till next time!!! Again Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Best Credit Cards Ever!

I have been here in the United States for six years now but still, I haven’t build a good credit standing. Why? One of the reasons is that, I don’t owe anything yet. Meaning, I don’t have mortgages, bills on my name nor even credit cards. Everything is still in my husband’s name because I don’t have an income then. A year ago I am so thankful because I found a steady work-at-home job. It doesn’t pay as good as when you are working outside of the house but it is good enough for me to get approved of the best credit cards out there in the market, which is one way of my building a good credit score.

Credit cards are good and convenient. You can use it to just about anywhere. Whether grocery shopping, paying bills or even shopping online. But all of us should be very, very careful in using it. We need to do our homework first to get the best credit cards for us. Three things are essential, compare, choose and apply. So if you are planning to have one, check out Card Guide. See all credit cards comparisons from balance transfers, cash back, rewards and which has low rates. Don’t be afraid to apply for one now! Just use it wisely.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Water Issue...Done!!

Finally, this water issue is done, finished!!! The plumber rang the bell this morning (was forced to get up early) I thought he wouldnt be able to fix the problem again, but thankfully, he did. He made me his assistant.. I was the one running up and the down the basement to turn the main valve on and off. Darn! He shouldn't have charged me $60 for that. He should have paid me ehhehehehe

Anyways, I'm just happy that it's over with. Was able to wash the clothes and now I'm getting ready to put the house in order coz it looks like we're hit by a tornado or something. Everything is out of place :)

So till next time! See yah!

Water! Water!

So here's what happened yesterday. The guy came here to fix the faucet, but he wasn't able to. Oh well, the faucet itself is fixed but the water won't come out. Since he's running late for his other commitment, he has to comeback today. He said he needs to check the pipe coz it might be clogged. I already turned the main water valve but we still don't have water in the kitchen sink. Just in the bathrooms. Good enough for me, for right now at least. I can't live without water in the kitchen eheheeh Have to wash the darn dishes! Will see how it goes today. It should be fixed ASAP. The bad thing, he's charging me $60!!! He shouldn't, coz he's the one who put that crap! It is a new faucet and it hasn't been three months and it's broke already!!!. Wew! hmm... need to calm down a bit ehhehehehe This contractors are killing me!
Ok folks! That's my vent for today :) Later!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bad Credit? Not A Problem Anymore

There was a time when I was in a bad financial shape as my father was hospitalized for months and months due to his heart ailment. I had maxed out my credit cards and had some loans with the company that I was working for. Fortunately, my husband helped me out in paying it. It is not easy to be in that situation. I know that here in the United States if you have bad credit, your life is tremendously affected. Some people are filing for bankruptcy and some might take their own lives just to get out of the situation.

But that shouldn’t be the case because somehow BadCreditOffers exist now. Their goal is to help those people that have a less-than-perfect credit rating. They help you rebuild your credit history back in shape. Great resources for credit counseling is also available in their website. So don’t let bad credit put you down, get the help of as you deserve a better and comfortable life.

Before the Disaster

I had another disaster today, but before that happened, here's what i was doing. I cooked this without even knowing if it's called chicken afritada or caldereta :D Whatever the name is, it tastes really good... Honestly :D

Oh by the way, the disaster happened when I'm just about to clean up all the stuff that I used in cooking. What happened was, the kitchen faucet's knob came off, and the hot water is shooting in the air up to the darn ceiling! Had to call the guy who put it up, but he can't come over today, so he made me turn the main water valve in the basement. Now we don't have water, if we need some, I have to turn it on and off from the main valve. What an inconvenience!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Boost Your Business, Use AIMpromote

I have posted before how my husband wants to put up a business but don’t really know where to start because there are a lot of factors to consider like, how much money will you be needing and where it will come from. There’s the issue of legalities and of course, the marketing strategy or finding your leads. And speaking of leads, you need to get help in increasing your sales and improving business intelligence. The popular in the market that I have been hearing is called AIMpromote. They have a CRM software that helps your business grow as fast as you probably expect. CRM which stands for customer relationship management can be a bit confusing sometimes. CRM software of AIMpromote is an integrated system that puts your sales in position. Their goal is more on making sales and less in learning the software. Normally, the implementation of customer relationship management would take weeks or months to complete, but with AIMpromote they can make your entire organization up and completely running in a matter of days. They are one of the leaders in sales lead management.

This is great news for my husband, so when he decided to really put his time and concentration in the business that he wants to put up, he can use the help of AIMpromote. The other good thing is, he’s got nothing to lose as they have a 14-day free trial to see it the program is for him and also have the chance to check all the features that he might be needing.


I can't help but admire how organized (at least in my opinion)the DMV facility here in south side of Chicago (not sure how it is in facilities here or other states). I went to the DMV today and had my State I.D. renewed. It took me like 10 minutes and I have my brand new I.D. Same as when I got my driver's permit.

I still can't forget how it took me forever to get a student's permit back in P.I. Not a good experience. You will stand in line for the longest, all sweaty, people around are you are all angry for waiting in line for ages. Geez! I'm glad I don't have to go all through that. I just hope that our system back home has improved by now.

Coupons and Great Deals from

My husband hasn’t had a chance to be on the internet for quite a while because he’s been very busy and always out-of-town till last night. He’s been online for at least 2 hours when he called me and told me about a coupon site that he just found. He knows pretty well that I am a sucker for great discounts and loves coupons. He even showed me Overstock coupons which is one of my favorites stores when it comes to online shopping. So after he’s finished using my computer, of course I checked the site myself. I found a lot, lot more wonderful deals from hundreds, if not thousands of online stores. But my eyes are on Kohl's coupon codes because that’s where I usually buy my clothing. So happy and thankful to discover them because I know I will get more Kohl's coupons and discounts all year round, rain or shine!

Tag from Juliana :) TY!

It's 3 am and still can't sleep. Fortunately, Juliana tagged me so here I am up and doing this tag :) I hope after this I will be able to sleep. But if not, I'd probably be in Winster again trying to win some more points for another Ipod shuffle. :P

1. Who is your man? ♥ Mark

2. How long have you been together? ♥ Seven years

3. Dating/Engaged/Married? ♥ Married

4. How old is your man? ♥ Forty Three

5. What’s his middle name? ♥ Will give you the Initial - its "A" ;)

You or your man

1. Who eats more? ♥ If you are to ask my hubby, he'd say me :D Eating is my hobby :D

2. Who said “I love you” first? ♥ He does most of the time (nauunahan ako lagi ehheheh)

3. Who weighs more? ♥ Geez, i know I eat a lot but he still weighs more than me :D

4. Who sings better? ♥ Me, me, me! No question about it :)

5. Who’s Older? ♥ He's 9 years older than me

6. Who’s smarter? ♥ Let's put it this way, he's a street smart, I am a book smart :D

7. Whose temper is worse? ♥ My man! :)

8. Who does the laundry? ♥ I do my laundry and kuletz', hubby does his own laundry.. he always insist :)

9. Who does the dishes? ♥ I do most of the time, he does on special occasions :)

10. Who sleeps on the right side ofthe bed? ♥ He does

11. Whose feet are bigger? ♥ I'm 5'5, he's 6'0, now you do the math, if my feet is bigger i am not normal :D

12. Whose hair is longer? ♥ Check out our pic, then tell me who's hair is longer :P

13. Who's better with the computer? ♥ He is a certified A+ computer technician, but I am very well versed with computers too :)

14. Who mows the lawn? ♥ He'd do it when he gets the chance, but most of the time, the mexican guys that we're paying.

15. Who pays the bills? ♥ He used to, but he gave me the honors (he's giving me the money though ;P)

16. Who cooks dinner? ♥ I do, during special occasions, like my birthday, christmas, thankgiving etc, he does and so as cleaning the entire kitchen and doing the dishes :)

17. Who drives when you are together? ♥ He does coz he's my chauffeur ;)

18. Who pays when you go out to dinner? ♥ him, him, him unless I offer to pay :)

19. Who’s more stubborn? ♥ He's more stubborn I tell you that!

20. Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? ♥ He's very good in admiting it when he's wrong.

21. Whose parents do you see more? ♥ I have not seen my parents in 6 years, I always see his mom.. He's dad passed away 7 years ago.

22. Who named your dog? ♥ Dogs...He did, but they're gone now.

23 . Who kissed who first? ♥ Ha?

24. Who asked who out? ♥ Another ha?

26. Who’s more sensitive? We're both sensitive.

27. Who’s taller? ♥ Told you he's 6'0 and I am 5'5, now you tell me :)

28. Who has more friends? ♥ He has a lot of acquaintances (pretty picky), but I have a lot of close friends

29. Who has more siblings? ♥ no one ehehehehe he has two brothers, i have two sisters

30. Who wears the pants in the relationship? He is the King in this house, but ofcourse I am the queen!! :) And you know pretty darn well that the queen has a lot of moves than the king :) But heck! He wears the pants :D

Thank you very much for the tag Ms. Juliana. Now I am tagging everybody!!! TC all!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

37 Qs and As

This is a tag from from Ms. Recel to Aling Tess. Read on and you will know what's goin on with me.

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? - Lionel

2. What were you doing at 0800? - Was up and doing some work already ;) Early ha! ehehehe

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? - Giving "Kuletz" a shower

4. What happened to you in 2006? - hmmm... I turned 33 :D

5. What was the last thing you said out loud? - What the heck! Come over here!

6. How many beverages did you have today? - 2 .5L bottle of H20

7. What color is your hairbrush?- black

8. What was the last thing you paid for? - Groceries

9. Where were you last night? - Went to Walmart for a bit

10. What color is your front door? - White

11. Where do you keep your change? - it's all over the place actually

12. What's the weather like today? - gloomy, sooo windy 52F

13. What's the best ice-cream flavor? - Cookies n' Cream

14. What excites you? - When I'm getting ready to get out of the door and go shopping :D

15. Do you want to cut your hair? - Nope. Not at this point.

16. Are you over the age of 25? - Please read item number Four

17. Do you talk a lot? - It depends on who I'm talking to.. I do with friends.

18. Do you watch the O.C.? - Never have and probably never will.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?- Yup! A guy we met in a drug rehabilitation center during our field trip (college)

20. Do you make up your own words? - I honestly don't understand what this means? Did you mean invent? :)

21. Are you a jealous person? - Every now and then

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'. - Anelyn (a friend & former officemate)

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'. - Kuya Kokoy

24. Who's the first person on your received call list? - Mark

25. What does the last text message you received say? - / Thank you for using sms verification system. Your cod is xxxxx Please enter this code on your computer now.

26. Do you chew on your straw? - Once in a while I do.

27. Do you have curly hair? - Yup!

28. Where's the next place you're going to? - Kitchen

29. Who's the rudest person in your life? - I don't think there is.. but I'll sure be thinking about it some more :D

30. What was the last thing you ate? - Just woke up, haven't eaten anything yet.

31. Will you get married in the future? - Probably...Just to renew our vows :D

32. What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks? - Nothing

33. Is there anyone you like right now? - My Kuletz here, coz he's been a good boy lately.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes? - Last night

35. Are you currently depressed? - Not at all!

36. Did you cry today? - That's a negatory.

37. Why did you answer and post this? - They didn't say I can, did they? :D

That's about it folks! Thank you or reading and if you are not too busy, you can probably grab this too :) Take Care!

Top Hosting Center Contest!

Would you like to win a free domain and free hosting for a year? For all you bloggers out there, like me, here’s our chance. Check out the Top Hosting Center Contest. How to win you might ask? As per the rule posted on the site, all you need to do is write an entry in your blog debating the importance of owning your own domain. No particular writing style is required but there is a very important rule which is, do not copy other bloggers’ entry. The contest will run till November 15. There’s a lot of time for you to write your entry.

Now, here is what’s up for grabs:

For first place, you will get 1 Top Hosting Special plan free for a year with one free domain included. The value of this package is $4.95 a month. It also comes with 250 GB disk space 3000 GP bandwidth, free site builder, non-stop support, instant updates with no hidden cost. Also, it comes with 100 MySQL databases and PHP 4 so you can build as many blogs as you want, social networks and other powerful web applications.

For the second and third place, the winner will get one Hosting Mega Plan free for a year each, which has a value of $3.95 per month.

If you happen to be one of the winners, no need to worry as you have no obligations because Top Hosting Center will create an account for you, no need to pay anything in advance and after 12 months you can cancel your account if you decided that THC is not for you.

So check out Top Hosting Center for more details and so as their web hosting plans that’s designed for bloggers like us.

What My Name Really Means

It's 4 a.m. and just woke up to pay the bathroom a visit :D Decided to peek a bit on my blog and ended up blog hopping. Saw this posted on Ms. In-In and Aling Tess' blog. Thought it's pretty interesting.

What Roselle Means

R is for Rebellious

O is for Organic

S is for Sweet

E is for Edgy

L is for Luscious

L is for Loving

E is for Excellent

hmmm... very intriguing result ehehehee Rebellious? who me? haaahhahahahh!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Art Of Hair Removal

A lot of us women are very conscious with hair growth in unwanted areas such as legs, underarms and of course the bikini area. But most women are pretty concern with their eyebrows. There are a lot of hair removal products in the market but have you heard of threading?. If you haven’t heard about it, threading is a fast hair removal technique using a strand of cotton thread and is commonly used in shaping eyebrows. I have tried this technique twice and I’m telling you, the result is just amazing because there‘s no chemical used therefore, no irritation. It lasted up to more or less four weeks. You can use this technique not only to your face but also to your arms, legs and feet. If done regularly the hair re-growth becomes sparser and finer.

If you would like to know more of what I’m talking about, watch this: Threading - Hair Removal with Thread video.

World's Shortest Personality Test

Got this from Aling Tess' blog. Thanks for posting this.

Your Personality Profile

You are pure, moral, and adaptable.

You tend to blend into your surroundings.

Shy on the outside, you're outspoken to your friends.

You believe that you live a virtuous life...

And you tend to judge others with a harsh eye.

As a result, people tend to crave your approval.

The result is mostly true except the one that said I tend to judge others with harsh eye. Totally not true :) And I don't think people crave for my approval ehehehe

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Planning A Getaway?

Today, I had a little chat with one of my friends from the Philippines. She recently had a miscarriage and as a result, she and her husband were so devastated. Right now they wanted to get away for a while to forget the sad ordeal that they have been through. They are planning to have a trip outside of the Philippines but so worried of how much they are going to be spending. In several occasions, she has been ripped off by travel agencies like when she went to Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Now she is very, very cautious. She asked me if knew about Hotel Reservations as she has been seeing it on the internet. I told her that I am familiar with it but hasn’t actually used their services. Although they are on top of my list when I get the chance to have a little getaway myself. I even told her about how she can save up to 70% from hotels, motels, resorts or any vacation rentals and packages from And all she has to do is either get online or call them to have reservations. Its as easy as that. They are still undecided on where to go, so I suggested that she can check’s website and use their complete city guide in order for them to research, decide which one is the best getaway place and quickly plan their trip.

Hotel experience is one of the important part of everyone’s trip and Hotel Reservations knows that, that is why their site has an easy to use booking tools. Their certified hotel experts are available 24/7 and most importantly they have the most competitive prices in the market. And if you are traveling in groups, they also offer great group rates. So whether my friend wants to go to Australia, New Zealand or Malaysia, Hotel Reservations will take care of their traveling needs for sure.

Nothing Much To Do

Today is a boring day. Not much to do... no opps, no data entry work, no nothing :) Thankfully, Cheryl called me this afternoon and asked me if I wanna go with her to go to the dollar store. Ofcourse I said yes.. Dollar Store!? You kidding me??! eheheh That's one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world :D Anyways, we went to the mall first and had a quick walk.. window shopping :) Then off to the dollar store. Found some good stuff as always... bought an alphabet and number posters for "kuletz" here, some paper clips, ballpens (for I don't know why our pens here are disappearing...I probably need to ask the little guy ha) and a lot more! That's about it :D It wasn't a boring day after all.
Thanks for reading.. Take Care all!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cheap Weekend Breaks!

It’s been a couple of months already since we moved to our new place and till now it is still very stressful dealing with our everyday life. Why? Because I have not unpacked all of our stuff. Still trying to put our house in order and it is not easy specially when you are doing it by yourself as husband is out working. Also, the other stressful thing right now is my learning how to drive. It’s long overdue so I really have to get through with it.

I have been wanting to have weekend breaks, but I don’t think its gonna happen at this time. Maybe this holiday season, we will get a chance to have short breaks to shake away these stressful situations that we are having right now and relax a little bit. I have been looking already for cheap flights probably to Paris, Rome or Barcelona which is some of my dream destinations to take a nice city breaks. DialAFlight jumped out of my screen as I do my searching. They offer great deals for weekend breaks, beach holidays or even African Safaris. I sure will keep them in mind as soon as I am ready to jump on the plane for a nice weekend getaway! Check them out if you too wants to have a great travel experience. Ciao!