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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Planning A Getaway?

Today, I had a little chat with one of my friends from the Philippines. She recently had a miscarriage and as a result, she and her husband were so devastated. Right now they wanted to get away for a while to forget the sad ordeal that they have been through. They are planning to have a trip outside of the Philippines but so worried of how much they are going to be spending. In several occasions, she has been ripped off by travel agencies like when she went to Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Now she is very, very cautious. She asked me if knew about Hotel Reservations as she has been seeing it on the internet. I told her that I am familiar with it but hasn’t actually used their services. Although they are on top of my list when I get the chance to have a little getaway myself. I even told her about how she can save up to 70% from hotels, motels, resorts or any vacation rentals and packages from And all she has to do is either get online or call them to have reservations. Its as easy as that. They are still undecided on where to go, so I suggested that she can check’s website and use their complete city guide in order for them to research, decide which one is the best getaway place and quickly plan their trip.

Hotel experience is one of the important part of everyone’s trip and Hotel Reservations knows that, that is why their site has an easy to use booking tools. Their certified hotel experts are available 24/7 and most importantly they have the most competitive prices in the market. And if you are traveling in groups, they also offer great group rates. So whether my friend wants to go to Australia, New Zealand or Malaysia, Hotel Reservations will take care of their traveling needs for sure.

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