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Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Camper! :)

2:58 a.m.
can't sleep

In my previous post I was so upset as my webcam and digicam isn't compatible with my new operating system which is Windows Vista. Since I can't sleep, I started fooling around my computer... and guess what???!! I was able to download all the pictures from my digital camera to my PC wohooo!!!! :) Now I'm a happy camper, all I need is a new webcam and I'm done with all these freaking (excuse my word, please) gadgets. :)

So here are some of the pics that I was able to download. Taken last July 16 (Ashley's birthday-ChuckeeCheese's)

Till next blog! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm so darn upset!

Yeah, I am. :( Why? Coz today, I feel like blogging and wanted to upload some pictures, but unfortunately I can't. Here's the story.... Last week, my hubby bought a new CPU for me in exchange of my very good ol' trustee laptop (he's old computer is like a computer of a caveman, so I didn't want to take that for my laptop, geez its Windows ME hello???!!!). So as soon as I get the new CPU, I started transfering all my files from the laptop to the new one, which, the operating system happens to be a Windows Vista. Everything seems to be ok and running smoothly, till a few moments ago when I was trying to install my webcam....waaaaaaaa.... Windows Vista doesn't support my webcam (its Aiptek this free from one of my online "rakets" in life ehehehe) Then I tried my Olympus digital cam installation cd... yeah you guess it right, WV doesn't support this one either!!! I'm so terribly upset... Now I have to buy a card reader and a new webcam. :(

I don't wanna spend money anymore. I'm so broke!!! hahahah! I really am, coz last Thursday, I just sent my application for my citizenship and that's $400 out of my darn pocket... geez! I'm not in a hurry to be a citizen, it's just that on July 30th, the fee is gonna go up from $400 to $675... so I just went ahead and sent my application to take advantage of the cheaper fee. Who wants to pay $675? Certainly not me.. ehehehe

Oh well, this is my vent for the day... I mean night... :) Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's Your Best Quality?

Since I didn't have much time to post anything about myself, I thought I'd post this one for our enjoynment. Got this from Aling Tikya (Tess). Thanks very much. I enjoyed doing it and surely the result is sooooo me! ;)

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Personality

Your best quality is your personality! People like you because you are an all around good person. You have good manners and values. You also like to express your personal style and interests.

Sense of Humor
What's" Your Best Quality?">Take More Quizzes

Let me know how you did. Take Care all! Till next blog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update! Update!

Okay folks! I know I haven't been posting for quite a while as I was busy (and still am) doing a lot of stuff. I have a full plate right now. Plus, I didn't feel like blogging since my mother texted me and told me that my father was rushed to the hospital and put in an intensive care unit. He had a heart attack. Thankfully, he's out of ICU now. Still in the hospital, but doing much better.

For my blogmates who has visited my spot, thanks very much. Will keep you posted on what's goin' on in this end when I get the chance. :) Hopefully it won't take me forever ehehehe

You guys take care! Till next blog!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Hair, My Hair, My Hair

As I've mentioned in my previous post, my hubby gave me the go signal to cut my long hair (finally wew!). Here's a picture of my long hair, this was taken last July 4th. I don't know if you can see it pretty clearly, but my hair is or should I say was almost touching my butt when it's straight and wet :). I decided to cut it because it's getting heavy and giving me occasional headaches.

When I was at the hair salon, I asked the attendant to tie my hair with a rubberband before she cuts it as I am planning to donate it. So she did. Here's a picture of my cut hair.. looks a little icky ehehehe

It looks short, but I measured it and it is 11 inches long . I had it tied because I'd like to donate it to an organization called Locks of Love. They are an organization that provides hairpieces to childen that are suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition called alopecia areata.

This last pic is my new hair :) Nothing has changed though... just a little short and straight (thanks to Maxiglide , the hair straightener that really worked on my hair) :) But I have to tell you, my hubby doesn't like my straight hair. He prefer my natural curly hair. So when he's here I'm all natural :) When he's not, I'm straight lol!

By the way, please excuse the ugly face and big eyebags :D Oki doki.. Tha's all for now.. Catch you all later :) and thanks for reading! :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Weekend

Okay... I didn't get the chance to post anything for the last three days as I was out and busy. :)
So here's an update...

I put the house in order. Changed all bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets. Washed them as well as our dirty clothes. I cleaned up every inch of the house. After that, I went online and paid all the bills that are due, work a little bit, check my emails, messages. Play at Winster. Went to bed :)

My friend Cheryl called me, I asked her to spend the night in our house again. She agreed, but after a few minutes she called me back and asked me why don't I spend the night in her house instead. I said, I'll think about it and will call my hubby first and ask him if it's ok. I called and hubby said, sure we can. And so I immediately packed our bags and waited for Cheryl to pick us up. When we got there, we had dinner, chit-chat and watched TFC shows :) I got to see Wowowee and some old tagalog movies, filipino news and Bubble gang which made me laugh and gave me stomach ache ehehehhe. When it was time to sleep, as usual I couldn't. I don't know if I have insomia already or just because I'm not use to sleeping in somebody else's house :) I think that's what we call "namamahay" in filipino. So I just kept watching t.v. while my son is sound asleep already. While flipping through filipino shows, I saw a familiar face, it was just a glance but I thought I saw that guy somewhere already. It's one of the dancers in Keep on Dancing show (That channel is showing shows from the past, it's like a rewind thingy :)). Then when I checked my blog today, I did some blog hopping and I knew that the guy that I saw on KOD is one of my blogmates. How did I know it was him? He posted it on his blog yesterday :) His name is Reigh. To me that was amazing!!!

When I woke up (after having such a struggle sleeping), my friend and I talked about what our itenerary would be for that day. We decided that we'll go first to SuperCut salon so I can have my hair cut (after asking my hubby's permission if I could do it as he said he'll divorce me if I cut my hair as he loves it ehehehe plus I told him I needed it as my long curly jet black hair is getting heavier and heavier and giving me an occasional terrible headache). Then off to ChuckeeCheese's coz Cheryl have to make reservations for her daughter's birthday party this coming July 15th. After that Walmart was our next destination. Just bought a few things there. Dropped by to get some food at a Chinese take-out and headed back to her house. At home, we ate and watched a dvd. It's a stand-up comedy by "Pork Chop". It was funny as hell!!! :) I have heard some of their jokes but it still made me laugh. With all that food in my stomach and laughing so hard, I feel like throwing up (excuse me eheheh). After watching, I decided that its time for me and Lionel to go.

Lionel's picture from ChuckeeCheese's (kinda blurry)

Back home, I immediately turned my laptop on and see if there's some work. Found none, so I just cleaned myself up and Lionel so we can go to bed. There's really no place like home. Whether you're in your friend's comfy bed or you're in a five star hotel, you will always feel better sleeping in your own bed. Well, at least for me ehehhe. I love sleeping in my own bed. As me being so tired I dozed off pretty quickly and woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon :)

Oh by the way, when we went to Walmart, my friend bought Lionel a fish (Lionel loves fish so much!), its called Betta, she got him a male one. I called him fishy but Lionel can't say it (he can say fish pretty clearly, but not fishy), he says "kishy" instead of fishy. So here's a picture of Kishy :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

How did you...

spend your 4th of July? This is how our 4th went down...My friend and her daughter came. We grilled the "bangus" that I was talking about, had some chicken wings, steak, hotdogs, grilled some veggies and corn. For dessert, we had lemon cake and fresh mangoes.

But let me tell you, trying to get the grill going is darn hard work!!! At least for me. Coz since I got here in the states (actually, even back home), I have never ever did that. Hubby do that all the time. That is why when he called, by the way he's out-of-town right now, the first thing that he asked was, "who barbequed?" I said, I did :) He said, "good deal". : (I felt a little sad though, coz this is our first 4th without him) Eventhough grilling is tough, geez!... reward is great eheheheh. Food were all absolutely delicious!!! I still feel bloated at this time from eating so much. Since we cooked so many foods, sure will be eating leftovers for at least three days :) My friend usually calls it "pangat" meaning "pangatlong araw na" or "pangatlong init", whichever. :)

Anyways, after eating, we sipped a little wine, relaxed and watched another tagalog movie. It's entitled "Inang Yaya" starring Maricel Soriano and two other young girls, but I forgot their names. You think I cried again huh? :) Nope! Not this time... You heard me right, not this time. hahaha! Coz I've seen the movie the other day already. :) You probably know what happened when I first watched it :) Yeah, yeah, yeah... I cried :) Darn! Can't help it!.

Well, I'm getting a little sleepy. Might watch a little t.v. (Monk is on). Oh! speaking of t.v., I was able to watch a few L&O :) Ok, I gotta stop this non-sense :) Nitey nite!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th Everyone!

Yesterday my hubby asked me what are my plans for the 4th. I said, nothing. That was before I talked to my friend Cheryl. She said that she didn't have any plans either. So the two of us decided that she and Ashley will come over and we will have a barbeque party!!! (Just the 4 of us... Me, Cheryl, Ashley and my son Lionel) :)

Right now, I'm still waiting for them. Then we will run to the store real quick to get some charcoal and lighter fluid (I forgot that don't have those anymore). I will grill the "bangus" that I bought from the Asian store last Saturday, and probably put some steak and chicken wings too, some corn and veggies. Wow! they sound like I'm into healthy eating eh! eheeh But geez, need to lose some weight. Not a lot, just a tiny bit. The thing I need to do is to tone my body specially in my mid-section arggghh! It's hard though. I need a lot of will power and MOTIVATION!!! Please guys, motivate me... :)

Anyways, I will keep you posted on our barbeque party :)

Happy 4th again! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Didn't Do Much

1:11 a.m. Tuesday

Did not do much today, well actually, it was yesterday...Monday. Just run some errands, like went to the bank and then picked up some stuff at the grocery store. When I got back home, I immediately turned my laptop on to check my messages, YMs offline messages most importantly my "rakets" in life :)

When I got tired of working on my "rakets" I sat next to my son and watched a movie with him... as usual Madagascar, which he probably watched a hundred times. By the way, at 3 yrs old, he can put the dvd that he likes into the player and just play it, watch it and play it again and again and so on and so forth.. if he wants to change it he will ask for all his dvds and will let you know which one he likes to put in, he started doing stuff like that at an early age of 1 :).. thanks to his daddy (good job honey!). While watching, I fell asleep (thank you). Then woke up to check if I have some work... When I found none, went back to the bedroom and watched t.v. Thank God Law & Order (the original) is on!!! Whew!!! I missed watching it for like a few days...I think I have watched all Law & Order episodes. Love watching Sam Waterston a.k.a. Jack McCoy :) This July 4th there's gonna be a L&O marathon, can't wait (even if I have seen it a hundred times too ehehehehe)

Oh! Last night I watched another tagalog movie. It's entitled I Wanna Be Happy (Starring Eddie Garcia, Gloria Romero, Cherry Pie Picache, Joey Marquez and some other stars that I don't know their names anymore). I wanted to see it coz it sounds like a comedy movie to me. But geez! Did I cry again... Yeah, I mentioned in my previous post that I cried watching "Mano Po 5" but I'm telling you, I cried more on this one...I am not so much of a cry baby, am I? :)

Well, so much of my non-sense stories :) Till next time! Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Great Weekend!!!

I really really had a great weekend. My friend Cheryl and her daugther Ash, spent the night here last Friday. As expected, my son Lionel got so excited and was so hyper that the two kids both went to bed very late... They don't even wanna go to sleep. I have to force Lionel to lay on his bed... After crying for some minutes for wanting to play more, he finally gave in. At this time, Cheryl was on my laptop doing some stuff online... then Ashley fell asleep on her lap...

The next day, Saturday, we woke up late. We had brunch, then decided to get ready and meet our friends in the north side of Chicago. While we were waiting for our friends, we took the kids to the park. Oh Lord! They went crazy!!! Lionel liked the swing very much, while Ashley liked the slides more. It's pretty tiring for me too as I have to watch Ashley & Lionel's every move... coz you know kids,they are very fast and I don't want them to get hurt in anyway, so I have to keep up.

When Tito Mike arrived (he's supposed to be with his wife Donna, but unfortunately, she didn't make it coz she got so very tired doing some stuff earlier that the way, she's 15 weeks pregnant) we went to an asian store in Niles, Illinois. It's called H-Mart. It was a huge store!!! Mostly Korean products...but they have some filipino stuff too. If you get hungry while shopping, you can also eat there...Actually, we had our early dinner in one of their eateries. I ate a korean version of our "nilagang baka". If I remembered it correctly, they call it "galbitang" It was very very good and pretty inexpensive. After that, we continued our shopping. I bought "tilapia","bangus", and some other asian stuff. After eating and grocery shopping, we went to Tito Mike's house to see Donna. We stayed there for a couple of hours watching TFC and chatting with them. When we are about to go home, I said, "Tulog ulit kayo sa bahay para masaya!" (jokingly said, but really wanted them to spend another night) Cheryl said, ok... Then they spent their Saturday night here.

Sunday morning...just like yesterday, we woke up late. Lazily ate brunch, then we talked about going out again. We decided to go shopping. We went to A.J. Wright to find some good deals :) and ofcourse, we did! But I feel like we spent too much. I spent almost $100 for some shirts and shorts for Lionel and a couple of blouses for me. I'm broke!!! hahaha! But nonetheless, I'm happy. After shopping we took the kids to McDonald's for some double cheeseburgers. Chat a bit and then went back to my house per Ashley's request.

At home, the two very energetic kids played in the backyard. Ashley enjoyed chatting to my neighbor's kids while Lionel is on his car. Cheryl and I, watched a tagalog movie... "Mano Po 5"... Some part of it was funny and some made me cry... as in I cried... don't blame me I was born a cry baby :) After the movie, they finally decided to go home (when they left, Lionel cried so hard, my poor baby). We're back to normal... the house is so quiet again, as it's just me and my son. Hubby is still away and won't be back after two more weeks. Sigh...sigh...sigh...

Well, that's my weekend...hope you had a great weekend too!!! Thank you for reading. see yah next blog!