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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Epedemic of Babies Being Left In The Car

I had a little break from my internet "rakets" and started cleaning up the house while watching television. I feel so sad, disappointed and horrified when I saw another incident of a baby being left in the car in a hot weather (luckily this baby didn't die). According to Inside Edition, the mom went to Target store to do some shopping. After 30 minutes the mom saw a commotion outside the store and that's the only time she remembered that she forgot her child in the car.This past months I heard a principal (or an assistant principal) that left her child in the car for hours while she went to work, the poor baby died. The other one was when the parents (the mother went to work while the father went to a tennis practice i think) forgot their child was in the back sit of the car and the baby died too. How in the world can they forget their precious babies in a baking car? Are they too busy or thinking about a lot of things that made them forget their kids? It is understandable if it's a purse, a cellphone or anything that's lifeless, but a child?? I just wanted to know what they're thinking. I know I am sometimes forgetful myself too, but for whatever reasons, hope this tragedy won't happen to us as it is very avoidable.


Mari said...

Hello there! Bloghopped from Pepe, the Aussie.

There was an incident about another baby left in the car. It happened here in Southern California. A young mother took her baby with her to party with her friends at night. She got home very late and went to bed. When she woke up at 11 AM, she realized that she left her baby in the car parked in the driveway. It was one of those hot days here, and of course, the poor baby died. Sad story.

Roselle said...

Hey Mari, thanks for visiting. Yeah it is very sad, how can they forget their kids like that :( They carried them in their wombs for 9 months!! geez :(