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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Water! Water!

So here's what happened yesterday. The guy came here to fix the faucet, but he wasn't able to. Oh well, the faucet itself is fixed but the water won't come out. Since he's running late for his other commitment, he has to comeback today. He said he needs to check the pipe coz it might be clogged. I already turned the main water valve but we still don't have water in the kitchen sink. Just in the bathrooms. Good enough for me, for right now at least. I can't live without water in the kitchen eheheeh Have to wash the darn dishes! Will see how it goes today. It should be fixed ASAP. The bad thing, he's charging me $60!!! He shouldn't, coz he's the one who put that crap! It is a new faucet and it hasn't been three months and it's broke already!!!. Wew! hmm... need to calm down a bit ehhehehehe This contractors are killing me!
Ok folks! That's my vent for today :) Later!


redlan said...

oh calm down roselle. hope mafix na yan totally. mahirap na walang tubig.

Roselle said...

Finally Red, it was fixed already :) Thanks for dropping by.