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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Do You Know What LLC Means?

I have been using the internet now for over 8 years and I’ve seen too many companies that has LLC on it. Since I am a person who likes trivia things, I did a search on what does exactly LLC means. Found out that it stands for Limited Liability Company. It is a structure of business that is cross between a partnership and corporation and it’s ideal for small companies who are not ready for incorporation but would like to avoid personal liability.

Honestly, it’s a little too complicated for me, however, if you are a small business owner or starting to have one and would like to know more about it, can help you tremendously. To start with, they can provide you with free llc forms or if you want they can also prepare the whole set of documents ( minutes) for you for an amazing low price of $20-$25 dollars. With regards to getting your own tax ID, you might wanna use their forms and they will get it for you. If you are not still sold to those, how about getting the lowest price ever for corporate kits? If there are some questions that you want to be answered, check they FAQ Section for more information. I’m sure will be of great help to those people who wants to start a business whether experienced or not.

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