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Monday, October 29, 2007

Unbeatable Van Insurance From Autonet

We went to check our old house in Chicago a few weeks ago and I had a chance to talk to the guy that regularly cuts our grass there. He was asking me about Commercial Van Insurance as he wants to insure his brother’s van. At that time I have no idea where to point him at although I know that there are plenty of Commercial Van Insurance out there. Today, while I was doing my usual blog hopping, I get the chance to see one of the posts about insurance. Out of curiosity, I did check the site and surprised that they are offering special discounts for up to 70% off for new policies. You can’t find that deal everyday. And can you believe that if you find a cheaper van insurance with the same level of cover, Autonet will give you a refund? Now that is unbelievable! You can’t beat that for sure.

Well, that is all for now, will call the our friend Carlos to let him know about the unbeatable van insurance from Autonet.

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