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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Freaked Out!

3:46 a.m.

Around 10 p.m. last night (Saturday), hubby called just to check on us and talk to Lionel. I was laying down while kiddo is watching his movie and talking to his daddy. After we said our I love yous and goodnites, I took a shower, got ready to go to bed and decided to clean up the bathroom. I'm almost half done when I felt a terrible and very, very painful cramps. I fell on my knees and couldn't stand up straight. I literally crawled from the bathroom to our bedroom so I can lay down. I couldn't stand the darn pain! I was shaking. I stayed curled up like a ball for a little while and forced myself to go to the kitchen and get the medicine for my Dismenorrhea or menstrual cramps (yeah, first day... you know ladies what I'm talking about). Took two pills as prescribed and went back to bed. Dismenorrhea has been part of my life since I first had my period. I have had worst cramps in the past but this one is different coz I don't really feel the pain that bad. I know it's there but not uncomfortable than my "normal", if you will, cramps. Its like I was caught off guard, without warning or whatever and just punched me in the stomach. I thought I was gonna pass out. I freaked out coz if I did, no one's with me but Lionel. Thank God I didn't coz my son can't call 911 just yet. It didn't stop there, after a few minutes of taking my meds, I threw up (in the bathroom that is). Lionel followed me and as usual, the loving and caring little boy held my hand and said, "it's ok, it's ok". Then gave me a little pat on the back (he always does this everytime i'm throwing up in the bathroom for whatever reasons). He gets on my nerves a lot of times, but he is a very sweet boy. I'm so thankful that God gave him to us. Won't trade him for anything, ever!

Two hours later, the pain subsided. It's still there (just a bit) but I can move get up and walk fine. Now, I can't sleep. Its past 4 a.m. already, why? Coz the medicine I took had caffeine in it. One drop of caffeine in my body will keep me awake for looonnnng hours. Don't get me wrong, Exedrine (my all time med for headache, menstrual cramps and a lot more) is very effective, well, at least for me. For my headaches, I'd take two pills and in 15 minutes headache is gone and I swear by it. For my cramps it would take an hour or two. Aside from not being able to sleep right away, the other side effect on me is I'd have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach (I'd say it is "sinisikmura" in our dialect).

Well, that's how my night went down. In a few days, I will be as good as new again :) Thanks for reading. Till next blog!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Significance of my Birthday

This is a tag from Aling Tikya or Tess as most people know her. She is my online buddy who is so “masipag” in sending me links from freebies to “rakets” online. So I better do this one before she stops sending me those opps.

What do I need to do?

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day).
2. Write down three events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends.

My natal day is on the 10th of June 197_. Please don’t ask me what that last digits was coz I’m not gonna tell you ehehehe. Just take a guess. There’s only ten of ‘em anyways. I have never known anyone famous that was born the same day that of me. So I guess by looking up at Wikipedia, we will all be able to find out. So here it is…

Birthday: June the 10th

3 Events:

1965 - Vietnam War: Battle of Dong Xoai begins.
1977 - Apple Computer ships its first Apple II personal computer.
2001 - Pope John Paul II canonizes Saint Rafqa.

2 Births:

1922 - Judy Garland, American musical actress (She is the one that played Dorothy Gale in the movie The Wizard of Oz, died in 1969)

1965 - Elizabeth Hurley, British actress (She had a 13 year relationship with Hugh Grant)

1 Holiday

Portugal Day - National day of Portugal, Camoes and the Portuguese Communities.

Now, I need to tag 5 of my friends. So, I'm tagging Redlan, Reigh, In-In, Au, and Icka. Sorry guys, I gotta tag someone, don't I? And you are the first few people that pops in my head. This isn't a rush thingy though. Do it whenever you feel like it.

Ofcourse, for those who wants to do this, you are all most welcome. :) TC!

Monday, August 13, 2007


My previous post is not so nice... So I thought I'd write something here that would light up my day a little bit.

Yesterday, I put a note to REDLAN's cbox saying thank you for being so masipag in asking his friends to vote for me in the Filipino Blog of the Week Award. I also added there that if he'd like to have a little chit-chat, he can add me to his YM. Knowing how friendly Redlan is, he sure added me. His first message I think, is his usual "Good Morning Roselle" ehehehee. So that's the start, we chatted from where exactly our location, our ages and etc...etc... The usual a/s/l thingy :)

But, as much as I'd love to chat with him more, I can't coz he's at work and I don't wanna put him in any trouble :) Plus, my little one here is bugging me to get off the computer. Imagine that! He said, "mommy get off, come on!" with conviction that is, geez! We ended up saying our byes. And surely we will be chatting more in the future.

Thanks for adding me to your YM Red. You are one of my few YM chatmates. ALING TIKYA is one of them too. :)


Earlier this morning around 4 a.m., before I went to bed, I noticed that our electricity is flactuating. Lights keep dimming and electric fan and airconditioner keeps turning so slow. I don't know what's wrong. I did not bother to check, I thought it's the whole neighborhood anyway. I went to sleep and after two hours I woke up coz it was very hot in the room. The electric fan was off. I stood up to check and found out that there's no power. But to my surprise, its just half part of the house. The living room is dead and so as the front bedroom, half of the kitchen and half of the basement... duh!?? I said to myself what the heck happened here?! So I guess its just us and not the entire neighborhood.

I called my husband and told him. He said, get a flashlight and check the fuse box... Geez! Where is the darn fuse box?! He said, go down the basement and by the laundry area, turn right... its right there at the corner. While talking to my hubby, I checked the fuse box and he asked me to check if there's a button that says OFF. I said nope... everything says on... Hubby said to check it thoroughly coz I might have missed something. Checked it again and said everything says ON. As his last resort, he told me to just pushed everything to OFF and then pushed again to ON. I did and went back upstairs to check. I told him that half of the house is still dead. He said, since its not the entire house anyway, I just have to wait for him or call his mother to check it. I said ok then.

Lionel and I went to another room to go back to sleep. After another hour or two, the electric fan went off again. Darn! So I checked for the second time around (duh!). This time the entire house is so "DEAD". I'm in a panic a little bit coz its so hot!!! Lionel is sweating like he's never sweat before. I opened some windows, thankfully, its 76 degrees outside, so the air coming in is not that hot. Went back to bed to lay down a little bit more coz I feel like a zombie. I'm so sleepy but couldn't sleep coz I still feel hot even the windows are open. Can't do anything, so I just laid still. After a few minutes, the electricity came back!!!! Wohoo! It's not the fuse box after all. It's the entire neighborhood. So I immediately checked every light, fans, etc...etc... Gladly, its all fine and back to normal. I thought I am in a big disaster... I'm not a very handy person obviously, that's why I panicked there for a while. Sighhhhhh.. now, that's a sigh of relief :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a day!

What did I do today? Hmmm.. let me start off by saying I woke up around 12:30 in the afternoon (thank you very much to my loving husband for waking me up grrrr!). :) Why did he call?? Can't remember.. Oh! He just asked me if I needed to go the grocery store so he can call his mom (my sweet driver ;)). I said no, we can do it on Monday. But when I checked the refrigerator, I found out that we need some "nook". In case you are wondering what "nook" is,...just milk :D That's how Lionel say it. I told him over and over again that its not "nook" but milk, he still says "nook". He'll get it eheheheh. So I called my MIL (mom-in-law) that if she's not doing anything today, we can go grocery shopping instead of Monday. She agreed and said be ready in an hour and will call me when she's on her way. I waited, waited and waited.. While waiting that's when I found out that I was nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award (thanks a bunch for the nomination). Then back to waiting, waiting, waiting. No call received. Went back to my computer and played Poker Pals/Picture Magic at Winster. By the way, speaking of Winster, I already reached the required points for the prize that I chose, which is the Ipod Shuffle, wohooo! Six thirty came I tried calling my MIL but her cellphone is off. Waited a little bit longer, then finally! She said, she's on her way. After a few minutes she rang the bell, I opened the door and she directly went to the bathroom. After that, we're off to the grocery store. When we were in the car, I asked her jokingly if she wants me to drive (remember, I have never practice my driving in a looooong long while). Surprisingly she said ok.. And so I drove to the grocery store... yahoo! I was a little nervous, but my MIL is a very good instructor (she put her PhD in Education to good use, by teaching me heheheh) and I'm a good student. I need tons of practice though.

When we came back, one more thing surprised me. I gave my bunch of keys (at least 14 keys in one key ring) to Lionel and asked him to lock the doors (we have the screen door and the main door) while I put the groceries in the kitchen... and guess what?! He was able to lock all the doors. The first lock which you will just turn and the deadbolt which he needed the keys for. He remembered which keys to use. He's been practicing to do that since he was two years old ehehehe (oh! he's 3 now). He still can't read words, but he is pretty good in his alphabets and numbers. He's just able to tell which is which coz of the brandname logos. :) In addition to that, he can also set the safety alarm in our house. Very smart boy! So proud of him.

Well, that's all for now. I didn't mean to bore you, but I did in anyway hehehe. Thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I was nominated???

Hey guys! Today when I was waiting for my mom-in-law, I decided to check my blogspot and so suprised that I had a note from TalkSmart saying that my blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award. Geez! I'm suprised! I wonder who nominated me. Anyways, if you have time to check it out, please, please do and vote for me!!! ehehehehe Thanks very much! ;)

Later all, gotta go!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

This is...

...originally a tag from Tess. And now Redlan is tagging me too. Guess I really need to do this now before all of you out there tag me eheheh... Here it is...

What books and/or magazines did I read this month? I have not read any book this month. The last book I read, was a "tagalog" pocketbook which is entitled "Be Mine Again" forgot the author though. Magazines, none either... I have read a few fashion catalogs from Newport-News (does this one count? :D)

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month? I have watched Ice Age (The Meltdown) and a movie of Eddie Garcia and Amalia Fuentes (The Blood of A Vampire) it was dubbed in english though. Got it from Blockbuster :) While t.v. shows, as usual Law and Order (the original) and honestly a lot lot more!

What special days did I celebrate and how? I celebrate everyday a special day :) Some are much more special than the others though...

What gifts did I give and/or receive? None so far.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have? Before July ends I had "influenza" till early this month. I'm good now :)

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family? Play video games with my son :) We're a tag team in playing Super Mario Brothers ehehehe

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month? Restaurants none this month.. Recipes-->I tried Parmesan Crusted Chicken for the first time which I found at the back label of Hellman's Mayonnaise :) It was delish!!!

What special or unusual purchases did I make? Zilch. But I'm planning to buy Lionel a little aquarium for his betta fish "kishy" :) Also, a webcam and a vaccum cleaner. I need a new one.

What were this month's disappointments? At the moment, none.

What were my accomplishments this month? I paid all the bills hahahah! That's an accomplishment for me :)
There you go folks! Thanks to Ms. Tess and Redlan for tagging me. I'm also tagging all my blogmates and the nice people who visits my site that hasn't done this. Later!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Hi! Just wanted to thank those people who visited my blogspot this week, you know who you are guys! :) I very much appreciate it. I know I haven't been actively posting in a while coz I'm kinda busy with a lot of things at the moment, but will surely be back in the limelight when I'm done with everything. :)

Again, thanks for all the visits, and please, please, please bear with me. I will do my best to find time to visit your sites too :)

By the way, I'd like to specially thank REDLAN for being so "masipag" in visiting my site everyday of the week, saying good morning and goodnite and featuring me on his posts whenever he gets the chance. Isn't that sweet or what? :) Thanks RED!

Oki doki, that's all for now folks! Till next blog. You all take care!