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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Galco Holsters

Lesson of the Day: Did you know that the Galco holsters that Hollywood’s hottest stars favorite and most military and law enforcement were originally established here in Chicago, Illinois? I didn’t know that, even my husband who has lived here all his life never knew that till we stumbled upon the website Anyways, if you are interested in buying from holsters, tactical gears to weapon accessories, is the place to be. They are committed in giving outstanding service, low prices and of course fast shipping. And before I forget, if you by any Galco holster, you will receive a FREE Galco coffee mug! Pretty awesome deal isn’t it?


It's been quite a while since I last posted anything worth reading here huh? :) Sorry, not much to write about. Nothing exciting is happening in this household ehehehe. The weather is getting pretty nice, although I have heard in the news that it'll get cold again and a chance of snow is a possible. Isn't that crazy! Snow in April? Oh well, what do you expect in the Windy City. Thanks for stopping by dear blogmates!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breakup And Learn

Hey all! Just a follow up survey about the Relationship...Gotta Have Them! :) As per dNeero's this are some of the popular answers in that particular survey... so check it out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Relationships...Gotta have them?! This is another survey from dNeero. Relationships are always not smooth sailing, some of us have gone through break-ups for sure. Some might be an ok break-up but some might be a terrible one. Let's see how you answer this survey...

How's Everybody?

How are you guys doing today? As for me, hubby woke me up early and I didn't go back to bed anymore. Little kuletz is up at 5:30 too.. I am sure we will be taking a nap in an hour or two. Anyways, hope your Wednesday started wonderful! Take care all!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Charity From dNeero-ites

I know everyone of us will feel good when we do something generous for other people specially the needy ones. It doesn't have to be a lot and it doesn't always have to be money. It can be food, clothing or even your time. Here's a survey for all of you generous people out there.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Social Network

Hey friends! I would like to share with you a new social network that’s paving its way to the top! Be a member now, simply join 3gb community . You can meet new, old friends and chat with them. Create an album and upload your photos, join different groups, and you can also blog! They have a new mp3 and chat system that might interest you. So don’t wait up, join the 3GB communities now!

Not Busy But...

Not so busy today, but tired. I am still recuperating from my being tired and busy these past week. Anyways, I am thankful that there's a survey that I have just posted to updated this blog. I don't like it when I don't update my blogs. I feel like I am so neglecting them. Hopefully I will be able to check each and ever blogs of mine coz I am almost done with my "stuff" here. Thanks for all who stopped by to check on me :)

TV Shows Are Back! Are They?

I am not sure if my t.v. viewing was affected by this writer's strike. At first I didn't even know they were on strike. Just heard the buzz before the Oscar's. Anyways, what's your take on this? Here's a survey for yah!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

In The News (Survey)

So what have you been up to this Saturday evening? As for us here, nothing much... I am trying to blog hop as I have not done that in a while. Kuletz is watching Harry Potter in his room, while hubby is watching the 10 commandments here in our bedroom. If you aren't doing anything at this point, check out this survey...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bedroom Oasis

Bedroom is supposed to be the most relaxing part of the house. Like an oasis if you will, cause this is where we release all our stress from working all day. However, in my house it isn’t. Why? Because we have television here, my computer is also here which I use all night long. So my hubby is complaining. He can’t relax at night cause all he hears is the tic-tac of my keyboard. He said he’ll be getting a new BEDROOM FURNITURE and gonna transform our basement to his own little get-away. I can’t wait for him to do that actually. I am more of a traditional person, but hubby is into contemporary designs, so I guess he’ll be getting a bed like this one:

Hey Friends!

Hi there! It's been a while since I checked this blog. So sorry, I never had the chance to visit those people who have been visiting me. I will return the favor once I am done with all the things that I needed to do on this part of the world :) And for those who wants to exchange links, I'll be happy to add you also, just give me a little bit more time and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Thanks again!