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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Table Covers, Table Cloths Etc.

Holiday is coming very soon, so my mom-in-law is on the look-out for great gift idea for Christmas. Since she likes to collect table covers, table runners, table skirts & table cloths, she thought, why not buy some for her daughters-in-law. I guess it wasn’t a bad idea at all. Since she mentioned it to me, I suggested Camelback Displays is the best place as they are one of the largest suppliers in the market right now. They also comes in different sizes (which can be customized) and designs, plus they are affordable too! She was happy to know about it cause she said that she can suggest the site to their church where they conduct different church activities all year round.

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Anonymous said...

Another GREAT source for Table Covers, Cloths, Table Throws and runners is They can make a custom table cover to fit just about any table. Their custom service is excellent and you will not be disappointed with the quality.