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Monday, November 19, 2007

Do You Have Title Insurance?

I have been asking my husband what is the importance of title insurance and why do we need it because he’s been asking me for a long time to look for title companies. He didn’t answer my question and said just do what he asked me to. So today, I finally got the chance to browse around and found that title insurance is important because it will protect us if somebody would claim that our property (i.e. our home) is still legally theirs. Having a title insurance policy, we as the owner, will have an indemnity contract that will reimburse us for loss in the event someone asserts a claim against our property that is covered by the policy. This is good to know because we’ll never know, sometimes even if the title has been searched thoroughly, there may still be problems. Like for example if somebody forged the deed, mistakes in recording legal documents, misinterpretations of wills Deeds by person of unsound mind, deeds by persons supposedly single, but in fact married or even lien for unpaid estate. Having title insurance will pay for defending against any lawsuit attacking the insured title which means peace of mind on the part of the property owner. So if you have properties that aren't insured yet, consider looking for title insurance companies now.

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