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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ultimate Car Organizer

Before I get off the car whenever we go places, it is my habit to check my face in the car visor’s mirror. But sometimes it pisses me off because my husband will stick his mails and other papers there so when I pull it down, all the stuff would fall on my lap or on the car’s floor. Sometimes when I am not in a very good mood, we’d end up arguing about it.

Today, I found a website that sells Stuck-Up. It is an ultimate car organizer that you can put on your car visor. You will be able to put your little things there (i.e. pens, headsets, or your lip gloss maybe) to keep them tidy and not all over the place. They are available in different colors and the fun thing about it is you can design your own stuck-ups. It’s a cool thing to have in your car. If you want to Get Stuck Up for yourself or as a gift to family or friends, visit their website at By the way, I will be getting one too and will give it to my husband.

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