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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Breathtaking Colorado

My husband has been traveling a lot recently due to his work. He’s been to several states but the one thing that captivated his attention is the breathtaking mountains of Colorado. Although he knows that the real estate business is kinda fluctuating every now and then, but he said that the thought of buying a house there is a pretty fine idea. Right now he’d like to know how Denver real estate is going. He is considering Denver, Colorado because my husband is an outdoor person. He likes biking, camping, fishing and the likes. We heard that Denver is one of the best places to do all that. And of course for our little one they have museums, zoo and botanic gardens. Well, we’ll see how this works for us. Who knows, maybe sooner or later we will be residents of the beautiful Colorado.

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JAZEVOX said...

we been eyeing for a new state to live as well...we checkout to Oregon and Washington, its beautiful out there but it rain a lot of times, which could be a problem for outdoor people.

We drove pass Colorado few years ago and I agree, its really beautiful out there and I really like Colorado Spring, CO as well