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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Italy, Oh Italy!

I’ve been telling all of you about how I wanted to take a vacation as soon as we get the chance. This coming holiday is probably the best time, but who knows. If it’s not gonna happen at this point, sometime soon it sure will. One of my favorite vacation spots in my list aside from France is Italy. They have been featured in travel channel and my fave show $40 dollars a day so many times.

Aside from the beautiful sceneries, museums, piazza, finding hotels is also an important part in planning a vacation. Say, I’d like to go to Florence, Italy, of course, I would look for a place where we can do a lot of activities and where the beautiful museums are located and most of all I want to get the cheapest, if not, the most reasonably priced Hotel Florence. Same if you’d like to go to Naples or Rome, we need to find the lowest rate of Hotel Naples and so as Hotel Rom so we can save money, which we can probably use for other different things on the vacation itself.

Since I have been looking forward for a nice vacation like this, I found a site that interests me the most. It’s called They will help you find any accommodations you need from hotels to bed & breakfast, apartments or even a country house. It’s very easy as their site is user friendly and they will guide you throughout your reservation process. Can’t wait, hope my long overdue vacation will happen sooner than I think.

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