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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let's Play Trivia And Win

My husband always tease me about me cheating when we play trivia games. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or on t.v. He said, how come I always beat him in answering questions. I would just smile and say, “I don’t know”. He didn’t know my secret that‘s why. I love playing trivia game online. Actually one of my idols in trivia world is Ken Jennings. I’ve been through a lot of sites and been a regular to some of them. For me, it is an entertaining and relaxing way to pass the time while gaining a lot of knowledge.

One site that I’m looking at right now and is new to me, is I’ve learned that they are the leader in online, multiplayer trivia tournaments. You can sign-up free, play free and the best part is you can win cash prizes too! Isn’t that amazing? You will learn something and win something. They have tons of trivia questions which were written by trivia champions, divided into different categories and sub categories. So you can choose which subject you’d like to play or even challenge yourself from playing in unknown grounds. They have music trivia, sports trivia, entertainment trivia and more. And don’t forget the jackpot games too! provides their players with an environment that is regulated, secure, fair and most importantly safe and fun!! You can play for as long as you want, 24/7. Right now their community has grown to 10,000 active members. Playing trivia is not the only thing you can do as a member, but so as creating your own blog, uploading videos, creating discussion groups and friends list. You can also submit questions and create groups that you can play with. Plus at this time they have a $10,000 trivia tournament! Wow! So if you are a trivia buff like me, let’s join their community, play, have some fun and win prizes!!!

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