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Monday, November 19, 2007

More Awards :)

Award! Award! Award! Wohoo! This was from Aling Tikya :) I can't believe that she gave me a Sexy Blogger Award ehehehe I grabbed it anyway :D Thanks very much Ms. Tess!!! I hope you are talking about sexy mind and not sexy body hihihi Oh I am a beautiful blogger too? Now I got this all out smile on my face ;)

Now, I am passing this on to Sexy & Beautiful Marie, Juliana, Redlan & Reigh (Sexy and Beautiful aren't just for women :D)


Pinay WAHM said...

Ay sana hindi mabasa ni Hugh Hefner ito at baka biglang magka offer ako to pose for Playboy...chubby edition nga lang..hehe

Lagay ko sa Bravejournal ko 'to later on....Emzkie also gave me these awards...

Maraming salamas po ulit sa inyo Aling Roselle..



redlan said...

Uy, sweet naman. thanks sa pagsali sa akin roselle. U deserved the awards.

Marie Grace said...

Selle, I'll do this tomorrow...sorry medyo tagal nagawa kasi medyo na busy po me sa job hunting... have a great weekend!