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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Secret Amazon Codes

I have been an shopper for a couple of years now and getting an Amazon coupon codes is always an absolute thing for me. Although I didn’t get any chance of getting a discount Amazon gift certificate last Black Friday, I am looking forward to shopping with them this coming Cyber Monday. A tip from a friend brought me to a site called, a site wherein you can avail of the Secret Amazon discounts that other site has no access of getting. Thanksgiving is over and that means we need to hurry up and finish our Christmas shopping for our loved once and even for us of course because before you know it 25th of December is already here. I already bought a few items for my son, but the list of people that needs to be bought a present is still long. Like for example my friend’s request is a Guinness Book of World Record. While the other one asks for perfume. I was thinking of buying my husband a portable DVD player but he bought himself one already so now I don’t know what to give him. Probably a new GPS system will do. As for me I am thinking of getting myself a new digital camera as my digicam right now is acting up. It’s making me crazy. I gotta get a new one.

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