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Monday, November 26, 2007

Traditional Or Contemporary?

When we moved to this new house, it is so dark as there’s no lighting in the living room but an old floor lamp, the chandelier in the dining room looks so wear out and the light in the kitchen isn’t working at all. So what my husband did was to get temporary light fixtures so we’re not living in this lifeless house. Since he is busy and don’t have time to deal with it, he passed on to me the mission of eventually changing all of them. Traditional chandeliers are one of the things that I am thinking of getting for the dining room because they have this homey feel to it. In the living room I am torn between contemporary and casual lighting fixtures. I’m looking at the website and can’t decide because they have a lot of home lighting products to choose from. I guess I still need to consult my husband and help me decide on which to buy.



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