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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Miss Home

Yesterday my favorite cousin texted me and said that I have a new niece. Yey! Her first born. I got so excited but at the same time I felt sad because it makes me wanna go home. I miss all of them, from my parents to my little nieces. Unfortunately, it's too impossible to visit them at this time. I am waiting for my schedule of test and interview for my citizenship waaaaaaa
Can't stress it enough how I miss my entire clan. I used to be with them in every occasion. From birthdays to All Saint's Day, Christmas and ofcourse the New Year. I also miss those weekend gathering that we always have eventhough there's no special occasion. Miss chatting with my "kolokoy na cousins". They call me "ATE O" :D short for Ate Oselle. Miss visiting our house in the province where I practically spent all my summer vacations. Geez! I don't know when I can go home... hopefully, it will be soon.
Ok, enough of my "kadramahan". I don't wanna cry ehehhehe TY for reading my non-sense vents :) TC!

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