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Monday, November 12, 2007

Problem With Termites?

One of the reasons why we moved to this house from our old house is termites and mice that started getting in in our garage. We are not sure how this termites got in there, but it might be from our next door neighbor or who knows where they really came from. We called some people from this famous pest control company to get rid of it and when they checked it, these termites are starting to get into the house, mainly in the basement. Not a good site, I tell you. What they did is to put some treatment for drywood termites. It was ok for a while but, unfortunately, they came back.

Anyway, I told you that story cause you might be one of those home owners that are experiencing this termite disaster, like we had. There’s a website that can help you get rid of termites. It’s The site is jam-packed with information from basic info about termites to kinds of termites, general ways to kill them and a lot more.

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