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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Window Cleaning

The one thing that my husband is bothering me about when we were still in the old house was me not cleaning the windows. We lived there for like six years and he said he only saw me cleaning the windows twice. Geez! I’m not the laziest person in the world but I don’t feel like cleaning 14 windows! Yes we have at least 14 windows in that house not including the basement glass blocks. I’m sure I will be hearing the same thing in this house that is why I’m gonna go ahead and call some people that offers Window Cleaning Services. I think at this point stands out in my list because they don’t just cater to window cleaning but also blind, gutter, concrete and deck & fence cleaning, roof washing and chimney sweeping. They even offer free estimate. All you have to do is call them so their thoroughly trained crews can pay you a visit. Comes in handy isn’t it? :)

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