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Monday, November 26, 2007

Spring Training

Baseball is known as Americas’ favorite past time and every year a lot of people are looking forward to watching and attending baseball games. I only watch baseball on television, but in the past, my husband had the chance to watch his favorite team play in person. That was the time when he was still living in Minnesota. He and his friend went all the way to Boston just to see a spring training of one of the teams. His friend is a die hard fan of The Boston Red Sox. Yearly, he attends every game of his favorite team (I think he has a season tickets). At this time he already checked out the Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule which is gonna be held in Ft. Myers, Florida. And he already have tickets too. I bet a lot of you are getting their Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets already to see your favorite players up close and personal. And I’m sure you all can’t wait to see your team defend their World Series title this coming baseball season so I suggest you grab your tickets now!

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