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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never Made It!

Tuesday again people, it is supposed to be my cut-off day with my data entry job but I didn't make it because it's been a very busy week for me, you know, Thanksgiving stuff... so that means I won't be getting any check this week argggh! Oh well, thankfully there's PPP, Smorty Sponsored and Blogsvertise atleast :) That helps a whole lot!


Merydith said...

Hi Selle, salamat sa greeting. Ako I haven't writing lately kasi na crazy ako nitong Marimar hehehe. I have been watching it since Friday night and so far I have catch up na. I need to get on track kasi ang dami ko nang pending. Take Care !!!

p.s. plus i wake up at 10:00 so ala nang opps. Auto gray na sa akin ;o)

Roselle said...

naku ms. merydith, minsan tamad din ako magsulat-sulat, pilitan lang talaga.. need a little extra cash at lapit na christmas, gastusan blues na naman ehehehe :)