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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One Hour Of Sleep

Yes my dear friends. Since I woke up yesterday morning, I only had an our of sleep. I did my data entry yesterday all day, then household chores, then blogging. Then hubby came home, asked me to wash his clothes as he was so tired. Then started doing some opps again. Then when I am about to sleep one of my buddy sent me a message and said there are tons of data entry work (I think I posted it too last night, stupid me! ehehe) That was about past 2 a.m., then I stopped keying at around past 4 a.m., then went to bed. After less than an hour, hubby woke me up and said, he's leaving waaaaaaaa I'm still sleepy. Went back to bed, then after a few minutes the house phone rang to the max! Freaking telemarketers, calling me so early!!! Can't go back to sleep so I started keying again up to this time (doing household chores and mommy things in between :D)

Now I am DEAD TIRED!!! Overworked and underpaid ehehehe Anyways, after posting this and my last opps for the day, I'm going to sleeeepppppppppp! See yah all in a few ;)


Anonymous said...

bad yan...not getting enough rest is like turning down the defense mechanism o your body......

Roselle said...

i know reigh, but sometimes can't help it :( pero nakabawi na ako kahit paano, i went to sleep as early as 6 p.m. and up at 11 p.m. :D, better than didn't sleep at all... bawi na lang ako ulit later :) Thanks for dropping by my celebrity friend :)