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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Day!

It was a busy day for me and still not done :) Ash came here just before lunch. Since kuletz hasn't had his breakfast yet, I fixed them some pancakes. After that, I started planning what to cook for lunch. While the two were playing.. I just decided to start cooking so I will be done in the kitchen. So I did, after cooking the two were hungry already (that quick!). I cooked mac & cheese, rice, barbeque chicken and mixed veggies (broccoli, carrots & cauli flower). After eating lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen again. Then after that whew! I finally got the chance to start working... my data entry and tried to grab some opps :) I can't do the two at the same time so I just did the data entry...

Ash and Che just left.. I need to clean up the house and put it in order again as it looks like we got hit by a tornado! :D But don't feel like it so I just did one PPP opps, and I'm getting ready to post it after this :D

Haaayyyyyy I'm a bit tired :) I feel fine though... my little kiddo was happy all day the sad part is when Ash left.. kuletz wanted to cry... :( We'll be seeing them tomorrow anyway, we'll go grocery shopping :D
Till then folks! TC!

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