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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Have You Tried Skiing?

I have tried ice skating before and it is very fun, really! But never ever tried skiing just yet. My husband said that skiing is something I should try because he had a great time doing it when he was younger. He said, he can’t forget the thrill he had on the snow gliding down the slopes with the bonus of remarkably beautiful sceneries. I have seen it on television and it looks pretty interesting. I am not so sure if I’d like to try it myself though. In the future perhaps.

If you haven’t done skiing and you want to acquire the skill, your best bet is the National Alpine Ski Camp, which is located in Mt Hood, Oregon. Their official website is NASC’s summer ski camp is the most consistent, comprehensive, and the program runs all summer for all levels of skiers. They also have some of the America’s top ski educators. They will coach you based on your motivation, understanding and movements, so you will learn fast. If you want your next summer to be different and thrilling, visit

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