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Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Strange Morning

Today, I woke up kinda early. Around 8 a.m. I'm already sitting in front of my computer. I was so busy blog hopping, checking works and everything and didn't notice that it was past 9 a.m. already. I still feel sleepy so I decided to just get up and go back to bed. But before I can do that, I heard the doorbell. So I got up and checked it. No one was there!! Remember, it happened before at least twice I think. So, I didn't pay much attention coz I thought it's just the doorbell wiring acting up. So I went back to the bedroom... before I can even sit my big butt on the bed, I heard someone knocking... I checked it in a hurry as the knocking is loud as if there's an emergency or something. When I got to the door, I took a peek and no one's there. I checked the side door, nothing...peeked out of the window (I was behind the drapes though) but no one's there... Geez that's so odd. I don't know if someone's playing tricks on me or what. I told hubby about it.. He said, he'll try to install a surveillance camera (we have one already but we left it in the old house) so I can see whoever the heck it is.. Can't wait for that.

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Anonymous said...

sana nga its just someone pulling a prank...kasi kung hinde, nyay!!