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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Looking For A Notebook Shop

I’ve been looking for a work-at-home job for a very long time, and finally, last May of 2006 I got one. It doesn’t pay a lot but enough for me to have some of the things that I need. One of those is a new notebook computer. I bought my first laptop on July of 2006, but unfortunately, my husband who happens to travel a lot took it from me. Although he bought me a new desktop computer, I’d still love to have a notebook, preferably a Dell Notebook. I didn’t like the desktop that he bought me cause I feel like it is a little slow and would crash every time I am using different programs simultaneously. Since I can’t afford that to happen all time, cause of my at home job, I’m on a look out for a Notebook Shop where I can find, compare and probably buy a new laptop. I’d love to get a Dell laptop with Dual Core Processor and have at least 120 GB of RAM. So see you all later and I’m off to checking this site that offers Dell Notebooks, if you want you can check it too. Here’s the link ->

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