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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Messy Garage? Here's The Answer

Earlier today, I went to the garage to check some papers that’s in the glove compartment of the van. It was a little dark inside and I almost tripped because there are tools and other stuff scattered on the floor. I was a little upset because I thought that everything is cleared up in the garage. I called my husband and told me that he needs a few more garage cabinets to put the tools that was there. I don’t know when he can do it but I guess I need to start looking online and the first thing that came to my mind is Aside from garage cabinets they also have garage shelving, tool carts and everything you need to beautify and organize your garage to have the feel of it as part of your home. I think I might just surprise my husband and buy him the garage cabinets that he needs. It isn’t a bad idea is it?

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JAZEVOX said...

garages is like mans playground, im sure your hubby will appreciate the gesture if you decide to buy him the cabinets! i recently bought my hubby some sturdy shelvings for his shed, and i can tell he is happy about it