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Friday, November 2, 2007

What A Mess!

Two weeks ago, husbandry filled-up a change of address notice online for our vehicles so I can buy a city sticker for the van. Today, I checked the said form but to my dissapointment, hubby misspelled both our names. Argghhh.. So I called them and asked on what to do. I'm glad a nice lady answered me and said that eventhough he misspelled the names, it would still show whatever name is on the title. Thankfully the address has been updated. Now I have to check the procedure in getting a city sticker (so new with all these things, I'm learning though). Hope everything will be fine coz I wanted to get that darn sticker for me to be ready in taking the driving test. Although I can use my husband's car, I'd rather have it ready just in case. :)


redlan said...

buti na lang okay naman.

Roselle said...

Oo nga Red eh.. Kso pag kumuha ako ng city stickers kailangan pa daw ng verification ek-ek :D di ko nga alam kung san ko yan makukuha, malamang sa DMV din haayyy