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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tutors! Tutors!

My husband didn’t want me to get a job outside of the house because he didn’t want our son to be put in a day care center. So we decided that I stay home till our son starts going to school.

Today, I had a talk with my friend Sha, who’s a bit problematic about her son being in a day care center. She said that every time she picks him up, he has little wounds here and there. She’s not saying that the day care people are abusing her son but you know how kids around other kids. They are rough with each other when they are playing and no matter how watchful the day care people are, they can’t always anticipate what kids would do. Anyways, she decided to pull her son out of the day care center and just have her mother-in-law watch the child while they’re at work. Now, the problem is that, her mom-in-law didn’t have the capacity anymore to teach the child the basics of abc’s and numbers. She wants to prepare his son before going to school, so she’s thinking of having an Innovative Tutor. She’s asking me if I have heard of Score Educational Center which of course, I said yes. They help kids improve their learning skills from reading to math, writing and even spelling. They do it in a fun way too so you’re sure that your kids won’t get bored at all.

We said our goodbyes and she thanked me and said that she’ll be calling me again as soon as she got in touch with Score Educational Center.

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