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Friday, November 9, 2007

New Movie...The Mist By Stephen King

Was there a time when you are alone and you feel like someone’s watching you? Let me tell you about a story that happened to me and my officemates back in the Philippines. I used to work for a maritime agency in their EDP Section. Most of the time my supervisor/friend and two co-workers would stay late (sometimes till dawn) in the office to finish up tons of data entry or sometimes to scan or defrag all the computers (about 50 or a bit more) as it is our section’s responsibility to keep our systems from being hit by a virus. One time, I was alone in the front desk, so engaged with what I’m doing when I felt like someone’s watching me and I really had goose bumps specially at the back of my neck cause I thought I saw someone passed by the glass door. I felt so scared at that time because no one’s in that floor but us and two guards on the ground floor, plus we’ve been hearing about stories of how our building is being haunted by a white lady or ghosts by a lady which committed suicide in one of the offices there. I stood up in a hurry and ran to where my other officemates were. I told them what I thought I saw and we immediately got our things and called to guards downstairs and asked them to get us from our office.

Up to know I can’t forget that experience. When I watch suspense thriller movies, it brings back memory. But the funny thing is I love watching suspense thriller movies, specially when my husband is here. Just like when we saw the trailer of the movie The Mist by Stephen King. I can absolutely relate to the townspeople trapped in a grocery store who are horrified of an unknown creature. But wait! I’m not gonna tell you all about it. Just see for yourself because The Mist will be in theaters everywhere on November 21st.

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