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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why? Oh Why?

I was busy doing some data entry and then 4 o'clock news came. Was a bit shocked when I heard the news about a newborn baby were dumped in a dumpster?!? Geez, I know life nowadays is really hard for everybody, but I don't understand why some can do that. This is the second time that I heard of a baby being dumped in a dumpster in some alley. Luckily the baby was alive when 4 skateboarding teenagers found the baby girl crying inside a garbage bin. wew! poor baby.


Anonymous said...

I was doing my taxes last night and I heard it on the news. I was hysterical. I have a 3 month old baby girl and I am beside myself about this. I sent her some brand new outfits of my daughter's, stuffed animals and rattles (first baby- we were flooded with gifts). I wish my husband was open to adopting, because our lives are set up perfectly for her. I was sad to know that no one has inquired about adopting her. Could that be true? Aren't there many people in NY who want a baby?

redlan said...

poor baby. thanks God she's alive!

Roselle said...

so nice of you ms. anonymous. yeah i hope some would adopt her sooon.

yes redlan, thank GOD the baby is alive and well.