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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I thought I'd capture this sweet smile. I rarely seem him like that because everytime I want to take a picture of him, he's more busy wanting to grab the camera from me that smiling. I got lucky with this one. Actually, I used my webcam (hubby's gift) to capture this and he has a huge smile on his face because he's looking at himself on the computer monitor and trying to make faces :D


Mabelle said...

ur baby is so cute. looking forward for my bb to be like that also.

recel said...

this is perfect Selle! ang ganda naman ng webcam mo! at xempre, ang galing ng pagkakakuha! gwapo ni kuletz o! mana!

btw, i have a tag for u nga pala! sa link na ito magkikita tayo! hehehe

Roselle said...

hey mabelle! thanks you for the visit and the compliment :)

cel! thank you po sa compliment at sa tag, bisitahin ko po yan maya-maya :)