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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where Will You Be On Christmas/New Year?

I asked that because every year we just celebrate Christmas and New Year at home. Just the three of us, sometimes we'd invite my MIL but most of the time she's out-of-the-state.

I miss celebrating these holidays just like we do in the Philippines. Every year, Christmas eve is celebrated at home with the family, then on the 25th we'd have dinner at my uncle's house (my mother's sibling). The whole clan is there. Chit-chat, food, videoke, jokes everywhere! While on New Year's eve, same.. it's celebrated at home (my mother didn't want us to leave the house at this time coz she said, we'll be out of the house for the whole year haahahah!) But on the 1st of Jan. we can go wherever we want, so we'd go out with friends.

While here, it's totally different. So quiet.. maybe because I don't have a lot of friends nor my husband doesn't have a big family either. What about you?

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redlan said...

i spend my christmas in the city and go to the province on new year's eve. have a merry christmas to and your family. happy new year to all of you!