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Friday, December 21, 2007

Baby Slings

Do you remember the time when baby slings were used by some of the most famous celebrities here in the states like Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Madonna to name a few? The reason why it came accross my mind is because I was thinking of giving one to my friend Donna, who just gave birth to an 8.5 lbs cute baby girl earlier last week. I thought it was a great Christmas present to her. I have one baby sling before, when I had my baby but it wasn’t as stylish and fashionable as is offering. I was looking at their padded and unpadded baby slings and I cannot decide which to buy because the fabric and patterns are all beautiful. I guess all I have to do is to give her a gift certificate from and so she can choose whichever she wants and take the pressure off of me.

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