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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hotels In England

Last night my hubby and I had a talk about him being tired because since he got his new job, he never had a chance to take a break that he used to have. Before, we have a once a year big vacation. It stopped when I gave birth to my little one because he’s to young to be traveling. Now that he’s a little older we can probably start doing it again. The question is where? Cause we have too many great vacation spots on our list. Plus we need to plan it well. One important part is finding a great hotel to stay in.

Among our choices are France, England or New Zealand. But most probably end up going to London as my aunt has been bugging us to visit her, which I’ve probably mentioned in my previous posts already. So we need to be looking for Hotels in London. We’d love to see Sherlock Holmes Museum, the Millennium Bridge and the London Planetarium. Aunt Nelly said that while there in England, we should also visit Birmingham to see their Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses and Manchester too. Cheap Hotels in Manchester and Hotels in Birmingham is one of the things that I should be looking for because I don’t think my husband would like to stay in my Aunt’s place even if she insisted. Anyway, comparing prices from site to site, I ended up choosing, so when we are ready for our big vacation, I know where to go for great deals.

Millennium Bridge

Sherlock Holmes Museum

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