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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Picture Blankets

I’m sure most of us have taken tons of photos this past Christmas. The memories will surely last a lifetime but the picture itself wouldn’t. However, there are tons of ways to enjoy it while it last, traditionally, we’d put it on photo albums, share it with our family and friends through emails, social networks, put it in a digital frame and so on. Aside from what I have already mentioned, there’s this newest way of enjoying all your memorable photos brought to you by They will turn your photos into a soft to the touch and comfy Picture Blanket. Yes they can! That means you get to see it every time you lay in your bed. Isn’t that neat? But you might wanna ask how they’d do it. Well, you need to visit their website to know more. Not only they offer picture blankets but also photo pillows, complete photo beddings for adults, teens and children with endless design possibilities. See it for yourself!

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