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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tech Stuff

Last Sunday, while I was having a conversation with my husband, he all of sudden asked me a question about what camera I want. I guess he is still feeling guilty of taking my laptop and gave me a desktop wherein my webcam isn’t compatible. So I told him that I wanted a video camera that’s also capable of taking still pictures and as a webcam. I think he’s planning to surprise me with a videocam this Christmas. But I don’t want surprises like that. If he asked me about something that I like, I want to make sure that I will get exactly what I want. I told him that if he’s planning to buy me videocam for Christmas, I wanted to just buy it myself. is probably one of the sites that I am considering of looking at because they can help me save money and time in looking for a cheap digital video camera or a cheap digital camera so I can replace the one that I have right now that keep on saying card cover is open even if it’s not. Their site is user friendly and offers coupon codes, coupons and rebates from different stores. Also they update it 24/7 for great deals even on the weekends and holidays. I even subscribed to their free newsletter so I can get an up-to-the minute deal information. So, if you are looking for an access to the best tech deals even to your wireless device, subscribe to their RSS feeds now!


""rare jonRez"" said...

ka-swerte mo naman dyan! may pa surprise surprise pa kayo ha! hehe... good luck! hope ur wish will be granted. matingnan nga tong tech bargain na to! hmmm

Dylan said...

I prefer for my technology shopping.