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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Diet Help

Since I gave birth I had a hard time maintaining my weight. It’s been up and down, up and down for quite a while now. I still remember when I was kid my mother used to get angry because I was skinny even if I always eat like there‘s no tomorrow. She said, I should eat a little bit more coz she didn’t want our neighbors to think that she’s not feeding me right. I don’t know why but during my teen days my friends teases me a lot and called me “kawayan” (bamboo) because they said I look like one as I was tall and so skinny.

Now, the eating like there’s no tomorrow started catching up with me. I can’t seem to lose the weight that I gained when I gave birth. I wanted to lose weight but don’t know where to start. It’s hard to decide which best weight loss program is right for me. Thankfully, one of my friends asked me to check out I think this is a good starting ground for me as the site helps people like myself find the weight loss programs and diet plans that suit my needs. The site also give out tips on how to improve and achieve your weight loss permanently and so as give out coupons for Medifast, Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers to name a few. If you are interested you can check ‘em out too, it‘s gonna be worth your time.

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