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Saturday, December 8, 2007


I feel so tired. I went to bed last night err.. i meant, earlier... around 4 a.m., I wasn't able to finish the last opp though, coz I am so sleepy already, plus I needed to wake up early so I can clean-up the house so it will be pleasing to the eyes when hubby comes. I know he's tired from working too so the least I could offer him is a neat house where he can relax and rest, worry free.
Anyways, I am done with the chores so I'm back to work..ehheheh hope there's some more left for me :) Laterz!


redlan said...

wow. sipag. talagang napakabait na asawa. Keep it up roselle!

Roselle said...

Thanks Red! :) Di naman sobrang baet, nagpapanggap lang hahahaha! :)