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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Professional Bull Riders World Finals

If you would ask someone if they would like to have tickets to the Professional Bull Riders, the very first that will jump out of the crowd is my friend’s boyfriend. He’s so into watching bull riding competitions whether on television or in person. He got hooked on it when he was working in Houston, Texas. He said it was very exciting just to see how powerful the bulls and steers while the cowboys are trying to put rope around their legs and put them on the ground. He even said that he wanted to try it but he’s weary coz he knows it is very dangerous too. He exclaimed that he’ll just leave it to the professionals and be content in watching them.

Anyways, he go more excited when I told him about the Professional Bull Riders World Finals which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 6th-November 9th. He said that high calibers of cowboys are surely gonna be participating on that big event.

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