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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Grilled Chicken

My husband is a chicken lover as he doesn’t eat pork, beef, nor shrimp, so as his wife I have to find new chicken recipes and ways to cook them. One of my fave though is grilled chicken, it wasn’t as good as El Pollo Loco’s flame-grilled chicken but it’s pretty tasty too.

Speaking of El Pollo Loco, I am terribly missing their food specially their chicken which are marinated in their special herbs, spices and citrus juices. Back home in the Philippines, my friends and I eats in El Pollo Loco almost everyday, as in! What I do is shred their flame-grilled chicken, then put in on a warm flour tortilla, top it off with fresh salsa and corn, wrap it up and there goes into my mouth.. It was so delish!! I miss that.. I am happy though as I found out that they will be opening a branch in Chicago! Yey! Oh and if you want to see flame-grilling fun videos, click here.

Anyways here’s the recipe of my grilled chicken:

4 boneless chicken breast (I like to leave the skin to keep it moist, but you can certainly take it off)
Seasoned salt
Lemon pepper

This recipe is pretty easy, all you have to do is clean the chicken breast, pat it dry and sprinkle them with seasoned salt and lemon pepper. Put your chicken (skin down first) on a hot grill coated with cooking spray or olive oil so it wont stick. Cook it for like 8-10 minutes each side (sometimes I cook it longer as I want it well done). Plus it depends on how hot is your grill. But the internal temp should be at least 165 degrees F. Then when its done keep it rested at least 5 minutes before slicing (this will keep your chicken moist and juicy as the juice will have time to redistribute) Then enjoy! If you have leftovers you can use it to top your garden salad.

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