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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Slept All Day

Yesterday, Black Friday, my MIL and I went to a few stores and checked out what's goin' on, unfortunately, all the good stuff were gone. I bought nothing but a few grocery items and toiletries. Then, we picked up my hubby's niece at one of the train stations in Chicago then back to the house. She's supposed to celebrate thanksgiving with us, but she didn't make it. Anyway, at the house my MIL and I reheated all the food from Thanksgiving. We were all starving :D After dinner, hubby ran the show eheheehe he was like a storyteller telling all his childhood escapades :) We enjoyed it actually. We rested for a little while then hubby had to take his niece back to her hotel in downtown Chicago. As for me, I cleaned up the kitchen and everything then off to bed... I woke up at 1 p.m. today... I am so thankful coz hubby let me sleep till my eyes hurt :D He took care of my son's breakfast and everything. I just had breakfast and off to bed again...falling asleep every now and then while watching t.v. Didn't do anything on the computer except this entry. :) Later!

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